2 Day Vacation! *^.^*

I know it’s been a couple days since I’ve written anything. I’ve been really busy trying to keep myself together enough to go to work every day. That said, this week was good. I worked 3 days and then got Thursday and Friday off. I had pre-booked this time as it is my anniversary with lll KiRa lll and we needed time to hang out! I don’t see him as much as I’d like, as we have conflicting work schedules so we had to book time off. Crazy eh! Oh well… totally worth it.

We went to Rogers to rent a movie with our pizza. BluRay’s look pretty when played in the PS3. I suggested Kick Ass, because I heard it was a good movie, and I didn’t really have any expectations for it. lll KiRa lll wasn’t too keen. He saw the trailers and said it looked stupid. We looked around the store. There wasn’t much else to rent that we haven’t already seen (or that looked unworthy of a rental), so we ended up getting Kick Ass.

I love dipping my pizza in hot sauce. The spicier the better! Plus then I drink more water and get full faster 😉  We turned on the movie. Sure it was cheesy. Some teenage dude whacking… fun!! Or not :S lll KiRa lll was having his expectations of massive suckiness fulfilled, until the story started to change and there were some “OMG” moments and completely unexpected consequences. Needless to say… it was a bloody fantastic movie! I would highly recommend it as an entertaining and unexpectedly wicked movie.

When we were at Rogers, I got some more points! Woo! …and lll KiRa lll picked up the new Mafia2 game. I know he was dying to play it!! I wanted the points so I could get Scott Pilgram vs. the World on XBOX arcade for 800 msp. Plus I wouldn’t mind a few new songs for Rockband2  🙂

We played a few hours of Rockband2, and ended on Alice in Chains… whew! My throat was so dry and I was totally done, but “Rooster” is such a fun song to play!

I think “Who Knew” by Pink was the worst song choice of the evening… but that might just be me. Perhaps lll KiRa lll secretly liked it 😉 ew.


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