Within 3 Months

I have been blogging online for about 3 months now. My first post was at the end of May. It was titled: …and so my blogging journey begins. I have really enjoyed blogging, and I love reading comments and knowing that people are actually reading (or skimming through) what I have to write.

I have always written my thoughts down in journals and random scraps of paper (which have sadly made their way into the garbage bin!). However, I have a box full of some journal writings starting when I was about 10 years old.

I have always wanted to put my life story into a novel. Not necessarily for other people to read, but for me to feel complete. It’s weird… I know! I have gone through very challenging and rewarding life experiences, and I expect more to come everyday.

Since May, I have had 2908 views on my site, with the busiest day at 139 views. This was for my Post titled: In Memory of Derek. A HUGE thank you to everyone one is reading my blog!

It is one of my goals (101 Things to do in 1001 Days) to have over 200 views on my site in one day. Maybe I should pick a special day and harass everyone I know to look just ONCE! 😉

I am thrilled to have 72 comments! I know it’s hard to put your name, email address, and words on my posts… but comment more! I love it!! =) I’m pretty sure that once you get the hang of it, you will really like it too *^.^*

So… within 3 months I have created 87 posts on this site. Some contain random babbling, some contain my opinions on games, and others I’ve poured my heart into. When it’s all said and done, I love my little blog!

Someone sent me a message yesterday saying that I sound like I have a good life!

Do I?

I work really hard and I’ve struggled a lot to have my life. I suppose it is a good life. I am able to wake up and go to starbucks for coffee (which I should totally stop doing because it’s about $7 a day for 2 coffees!). I get new video games all the time! I have a job and I sincerely love it! I don’t spend money on much else. I live a comfortable life and I spend my free time during evenings and weekends playing games.  I’ve never EVER had anything just handed to me. I suppose that has shaped who I am and how I value certain things and not others. Hmm… I appreciate everything I have and I know how quickly it can all be gone. Yup! It’s a good life! It works for me at least! =)

Within these 3 months, I have made some pretty cool friends! One of my first online girl-friends is Kari Rose (Cori). She has an amazing blog which I follow almost daily :3 She inspired me to do the 101 Things in 1001 Days, and I recently saw a “MeMe” challenge that she started which looks like a lot of fun too! We started our friendship through playing games, then chatting on msn, and now she is my Penpal!! I have received one package from her and I just sent my first one back. I’ve never had a penpal before!

I love playing Left4Dead2 with the Karma’s and their tweets on twitter are cute! If you have twitter, you can follow me @themidnitefaery if you want. The Karma’s are a wicked team to play Versus with!

I was reading through other game blogs when I found Turnsy1984‘s. I added him on Twitter and we have sent a few messages back and forth! He is one of my newest friends on Xbox Live but haven’t played together yet!  I love reading about his experiences in the UK. He writes honestly and openly about what it’s like to be a gamer from a guys point of view!

My blog has also re-connected me with friends I have lost touch with. I have loads of “friends” on Facebook and online that I have known over the years, but it usually just stays there. One of my old best-friends, Gina, wrote a beautiful comment on FB (which I totally wish she posted here). It was about how she has always known me, but with my blog she has been able to get inside my head and really know me. I can’t wait to meet up with her next month when she comes into Vancouver! Another friend, Relan… I was never super close to her in the past, but we knew each other through our friends. Over the past couple months, I’ve gotten to know her better, and she is super amazing! I will forever have respect for her and love her because of her words of encouragement and support through my mourning (of my brother’s death). She should be in town today (after a huge greyhound trip) so hopefully we can grab a coffee! ❤

There are loads of people that I would love to give tribute to. I wouldn’t be who I am without sharing experiences with them. Everyone who has been in my life, at one point or another, has impacted who I am.

Again…thank you to everyone who is reading my blog. I hope you find what I have to write entertaining, and if you have any requests or suggestions, I would love to hear them!

❤ Midnite Faery


2 responses to “Within 3 Months

  1. Congrats on 3 months of blogging! I agree about the comments thing – the rare time I get one on my blog it makes me so happy. I love how blogs can bring people into our lives that we wouldn’t normally get to know.

  2. Hello my LiL Sis

    I’ve always wondered what the Blog thing was and never really knew until tonight 🙂 I’ve just spent the last 3 or so hours reading most of your posts and would love to say great job.. Not sure what to say or even how to begin but for Starters id like to say no matter our Differences in past and I’m sure future I LOVE YOU !! Ive been awake I’m sure going on 3 day and unsure of my Last meal i know Ive had a bite here and there just cause i have had to to live 😛 I find myself sitting in my front room looking out on the lake thinking to my self knowing I’m looking a what could have been Dereks Last breath and its fu*ked up I think to myself if i called SARs sooner would it have been any different.. I Think back to that day when Davie, Derek & Shelly Showed up at my house Derek a Cheesy ass grin on his face so excited about his stupid Canoe he just couldn’t wait to show me , and as Atlee Followed his uncle Derek Around the Yard Put his lil BB Cap on Backwards and shades on his face to be Just like his uncle Monkey Derek Davie and I trying to Sneak away for what I now know as our Last Smoke together , they couldn’t wait to get out there, Derek Pointed out the fact that he had a shadow and Atlee bugging Him to help beat the Bad guy in his new Ben 10 WII game an Derek Just wanted to get out on the Water so he Said to him Dont worry I promise Ill Play with you when we get Back.. Which of course satisfied Atlee and off he went to try on his own . He Bought one of the first pens i made to be exact the 3rd for 4.99 to boot LOL he told me Atleast if we flip the pen will float I giggled and agreed , I went and looked at his canoe he pointed out the fact it was great because as hes pushing in the sides See he said it springs back into shape… Its weird I had a feeling that morning that they would show up and told stan no more than 10 mins before they drove in the drive way about that thought.. so now 3 weeks ago today He passed away and I fell so Lost I was Heart Broken with cindy for her to come then go just as fast.. Devestated With Dad not knowing what to expect without him … But Derek and i were Joined at the hips growing up i dont rember a day that we didnt hang out , cause trouble ect.. and now i feel so Lost.. I stare at that spot some day 12 hours straight thinking back to that day and how i could have changed their minds about taking that trip but knowing no matter what i said he was going anyways I rember sitting at home for hours watching the search light from the Boats scan the water and thinking to my self boy are the boyz going to be pissed off at me for sending the SARS team out there thinking they are going to be wet drinking a beer and embarrased .. and then seeing the police car pull into my driveway and seeing a couple sillouttes in the back seat a sigh of releif untill I seen Davies Face a look i cant seem to shake and the word could barely roll off his toung Derek … he said as the officer said well I Brought 2 home.. I knew an now i sit here like a crazy lady wondering what to do with myself.. when the kids are home Im busy keeping my mind off of things but in the silence of the night I Just cant seem to shake the mental images of that night out of my head Derek Promised me before he Left hed bring Davie Home Safe and he kept his promise even in death . But i forgot to tell him I was Just as worried about him as i was Davie .. of course he knew and he never forgot to give me my hug for the week before he left and said Ill see you when we get back i love you .. I dunno what to do now I love where i am but looking out my window at a sight I once Loved so dear has now become the veiw I fear . Feeling that I want to move but in the same breath feeling as if I do Ill be walking away from the last spot he lived and that thought i cant bear more than the thought of being here …. Im sure my sentaces and train of thought keep wandering but after reading all youve written i figured if you like to write im sure you wouldnt mind reading my jumbles chaos .. its messed up I know we went our ways after Dad and leave it to Derek to bring us back together 🙂 so truley i was just trying to say I Love You no matter what out differancesnow more than ever we need each other ! so I ll stop rambling for now and try to sleep before atlee wakes up .. I put a request to follow your blog cause I enjoyed reading what you had to say your pretty smart for a lil sis 🙂 Ive put an ad into the paper a long one i may add lol about that night .. with a picture and such im hoping they will publish it …. Keep up your writings they do help .. and they also make you cry as if I havnt cryed anough 🙂 so keep in touch and ill keep in touch too.. Love Always your Big Sis Amanda xox ❤

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