Exciting News about Rockband3

Rockband2 introduced online career mode. I was able to complete the career with people from all over the world, and not just on my console (unlike Rockband1). The characters were better and you had more control over creating them. There was a new clothing lounge with funky oufits. There were challenges to complete as a career and the introduction of “Battle of the Bands” which was posted online at http://www.rockband.com. There was a drum trainer as well and of course better instruments!

…well… Rockband3 is going to ROCK even more!

The storyline will start off at dive bars and eventually your band can (or might) make it big! Expect the scenery to change as you progress through your rocking career!

There is a Shuffle Party feature that allows players to join and play immediately! This is likely due to people leaving quickplay halfway through a song.  The rest of the band will carry on playing and the spot will remain open for someone else to join in. I foresee this as a problem when there is conflicting DLC. I am curious if quickplay bands will always be open to anyone? I’ve often played with one other person just because we have the same downloaded songs. I hope they don’t leave the spots accessible to anyone all the time! Does this mean that the band won’t actually be working as a band? The points that you need to get Gold Stars is based on the number of people playing… hmm… I suppose only time will tell eh!I know there are different modes for quickplay rocking and more intense serious rocking… but I like my 2 person quickplay!

For the more serious rocker… *cough* uhm.. me included, :$ there will be over 700 goals and rewards! I can’t wait for my all-girl band with Melbabe 🙂 The emails will start next week!! There is a Pro Mode which is going to be harder than Expert. ooohhh… I guess that will be a challenge for all those guitarists and drummers out there who have mastered their Rockband2 and DLC on Expert! The new instruments that will actually encourage learning how to play the guitar for real. Wait… what?! Yes.. that’s right. Play a REAL instrument! The guitars are selling for $150 and they have 6 strings and 17 frets along a button based neck. If you want to play the Pro Mode… you will have to play like a pro 😉

Fender Mustang

Squier Stratocaster

There are spots for 7 different players! I know my tv could handle that many roads… can yours? There will be the guitar, bass, drums, vocals (3-part harmonies), and of course… the newly introduced instrument… KEYBOARDS!

Needless to say, I can’t wait to play this game! Bring on the Rockage!!


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