Left 4 Dead 2 DLC!!

I have been waiting anxiously for some new Downloads for Left 4 Dead 2! Finally… months after the release of “The Passing” (which was wonderful btw), we will be able to play “The Sacrifice”. Which will be available October 2010.

With the new DLC, you will be able to play the characters from the first Left 4 Dead. About bloody time!! I miss playing Zoey! =) She kicks some serious zombie butt 😉

If you don’t know this already from “The Passing”, I have some bad news for you. Bill doesn’t make it. His brains are eaten by zombies! The remaining characters are Zoey, Louis, and Francis. That’s okay though… cause with the new DLC you will be able to determine which character gets their brains eaten. Fun… no!?

No Mercy will also be included in the DLC for Left 4 Dead 2! Have fun on your zombie killing rampage! mmmm….brains!

Also… if you are thinking about birthday presents for me (cause I love gifts!) There is a comic series starting in September! There will be 4 books, each one focusing on a specific character. I LOVE comics and Left 4 Dead… so I can’t wait!! I know, my birthday is a long way away, but I thought I would just put the word out there! hehe…

But really, pick up the comics! Or at least make sure the art is good first!

(Bill, Zoey, Louis, Francis)

(Nick, Rochelle, Coach, Ellis)


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