Day 2: Meme Challenge

What did I eat today? What a boring thing to write about. I ate an orange (see picture below). I had ½ a can of tuna with some veggie crackers and a couple small pieces of chocolate. I’m planning on making vegetarian tacos for dinner! Mmmm…

For breakfast, I had fibre1 cereal with cold water. I don’t drink milk. I don’t like dry cereal so I’ve resorted to adding water for quite some time now. Usually I will cut up a banana and put it in my cereal but I didn’t have time to go to the veggie store.

On a different note…

This morning my mom called me before 6:30am. The last time she did this, it was to tell me about Derek. The phone call before started off with… “did you get my message?”. I hadn’t checked. I never check voice mail. I just phoned her back.

I did the same this morning. I just called her back. She asked me the same question. I told her “no.. what happened mom!”. Her voice dropped, she sounded distant and grim. Please… not another one… no more deaths… please! “What mom?!”.

She told me that my little brother was in the hospital last night. Emergency surgery. Cancerous.


I am so done with this. When is it going to stop? I just want my family to be healthy and alive!

I texted my little brother (who is 22 years old), and he is on bed rest for a couple weeks. I guess only time will tell if the surgery got rid of everything! *fingers crossed*

….on  happier note:

Today was my last day in my current position at work. On Wednesday I will go back to work in the Infant Program! Woohoo! I can’t wait!! I want to keep working on my Master’s thesis and work experience with Infants will help for collecting data.

The girlies that I was working with bought me some beautiful flowers and wrote kind words in a card for me. I am going to miss working with them and the kids!

I am going to start painting my new house tomorrow and hopefully get some quality gaming time in!

If you want more details, click on Meme Challenge to view upcoming blog topics! 🙂


4 responses to “Day 2: Meme Challenge

  1. WHAT?! Wow… this is a challenging year for you and your family 😦 I’m really shocked about this news… just craziness. Hope the docs got it all and everything goes well for him.

    On the other side… congrats about Weds! Kiss a baby for me? 🙂

    p.s. Good luck with the painting! What colors are you going with??

  2. He is on bed rest for 6 weeks 😦 He’s a lot like Mr. Armstrong now! Hopefully the cancer was fully removed and he doesn’t need to start treatment.

    …I will for sure! I love working with the Infants. They are so sweet ❤

    I have no idea about the colours yet! White to start…just to cover the horrible blue! Probably a light gray or beige. Something neutral.

    I also want to rip out the carpets and put wood flooring down. I hate HATE carpets! 2 rooms are already done so I will just have to find the matching flooring and figure out how to do it LOL. Want to help? xo

    • What!I was really shocked with my tears to hear about him. 😦 oh no dear about Johnny and hope the cancer is free. It is enough for your family and you to have through happen the situation for 8 months. What kind did he had cancer? Stay in a positive to make him remission like as me. Give him my hugs squeeze for me also get well soon. thanks.That is great for him to not have the treatment. I will have to have bone destiny myself soon also go to Bone Mineral this Nov 10th to make sure I am ok for almost 10 years next Jan.

      Glad you go back work with infant programs. Wish you the best luck for your masters and good opportunity for your future. I did not like carpet because it is not health and still hide dirty inside the carpet though anyone who use the vacuum it. It makes me dizzy more that what I learn because I am having problem with vertigo myself since I was 36 yrs old and most of the time, I am fine just still take medicine if it happens to me at once a while. It sounds nice light grey floor.

      Enjoy your long weekend to do with your new house. We go cottage. Take Care of Yourself!
      Love Jan xoxo
      P.S. send my love to rest of your family. you are expert over this blog as I am very proud of you that you can do that. I cant do that. 🙂

  3. jeez girl. just give my hugs to everyone in your family k? remember if you need a good long distance scream, i’m totally here for you 🙂 (and this makes #3, thus, the rule of thirds suggests you should get a good stretch now. you need it)

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