Day 3: Meme Challenge

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

First dates are always awkward and often wonderful. If this was my Perfect First date then I would already know a bit about my new friend, and we would have similar interests (for example… gaming!).

I’d like to think I’m a pretty simple girl. I don’t require much maintenance, and I expect the same out of my date! If he spends more time getting ready than I do… than that might pose a problem :S LOL

Before the date started, I would probably try on a million outfits but then resort to some skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with a band sweater over top. Lately my favourite sweater has been “Killswitch Engage”. I can’t wait to get a couple more at the upcoming Avenge Sevenfold and Disturbed show 🙂

It would start off with a trip to the local Starbucks. That’s likely where we would meet. We could sit there for a coffee and chat.

I would love a trip to Rogers Video and EB games to check out any deals they might have.

Then go to a LAN party place. There’s one near me that has 4 “living rooms” set up for gaming together. We could start off playing some Rockband. I’d probably play bass because I don’t usually sing in front of people. (Unless it’s lll KiRa lll). After some rockage, we could kill zombies! There are super comfy chairs side-by-side with individual screens.

Time for food!

…gaming usually makes me hungry. Well… that’s not true. I love eating 🙂 I need to eat every few hours to have energy. Food and coffee… mmm…

So depending on my mood, it will either be sushi or pizza. I don’t like pasta, and I don’t eat meat, so my options for eating out are pretty limited. Oh wait!! I know… Cactus Club. Yum! That’s totally where we could go. There is something there for everyone and it’s amazing!


Tuna Tataki is my favourite appy there (which is quite filling!)


After food, then perhaps go see a movie. It would be sweet if Harry Potter was in the cinema. That would be the best movie to watch!

I think the rest of the night should be left open. Maybe meet up with friends for a couple drinks at the pub? Perhaps go to Starbucks for some more coffee? I have no idea!

Hmm… yup! That sounds pretty much perfect!

If you want more details, click on Meme Challenge to view upcoming blog topics! 🙂


One response to “Day 3: Meme Challenge

  1. speaking of a7x show…. i don’t know if i can afford it, but i can get the day off… so once i do some happy money dances and see how they turn out, i’ll let you know!

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