Day 9: Meme Challenge

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased

Today my most recent purchase was a small dark mocha from Blendz. I was feeling really tired and needing sugar so I went with something other than my Americano. I think it’s helping 🙂

Today was a bit of a rough day so far. I didn’t really sleep. I had bad dreams about John (my little brother). In my dream, he was in a car accident and died. I had to plan all the funeral arrangements and watch how everyone dealt with another death.  It made for a very awake sleep… grr…

It is also the 1 month anniversary of my older brother’s death. Derek died exactly 1 month ago. I miss him so much, every day.

…but for some good news, I am getting 2 tickets to see Hedley (from a lovely co-worker of mine!) and we get to go back stage to do a meet and greet at their concert this Saturday. It will be a fantastic birthday present for Melodie!! She loves them!

If you want more details, click on Meme Challenge to view upcoming blog topics! 🙂


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