Life & Gaming Update

I have been writing this Meme Challenge for a couple weeks now. It is perfect timing to take a break from my gaming as I am doing renovations at my new place. With the help of lll KiRa lll, we pulled out the carpets, and we are in the process of putting down laminate flooring. Who am I kidding… lll KiRa lll is doing all the flooring work! He’s amazing!!   I watched Youtube videos to figure out how to do this. I almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about regarding subfloors, siding, transitions… blah blah blah… I have no idea what we’re doing, but so far it’s looking good! 🙂

We are painting the whole house at the same time. The bedrooms are a nice shade of gray with white trimming. The kitchen and bathrooms are a very light brown  with white trimming, and the rest of the house is a coffee brown. It looks fantastic now and will look even better with the light maple flooring.

…plus the light fixture in the kitchen is dead so we need to have that replaced. I bought bulbs but it’s the fixture.

I am also going to get cupboards from work so that I can rip out the kitchen cupboards and put “new-to-me” ones in. The ones that are there now are all cracked and yucky!

I can’t wait for this place to be done. It is going to look great!


Gaming has taken a back seat as I have been going to work during the day and doing renovations until I can’t stand anymore. It’s really sad.

I do however, have a band practice on Friday night. I am totally looking forward to it. I recently joined an All-Girl band with Melbabe. It is of course… a Rock band. I am doing vocals. I can’t wait to start rocking out. I missed the first practice last Thursday because I was working late, but I am determined to rock out this Friday!

Saturday morning I hope to play a few rounds of scavenge. My friend IRL (Jabb) just got L4D2 and I will have to run through the campaigns with him. I can’t wait. I must convert him from COD to L4D.

I sent out a message to my friends on live explaining my disappearance. Sorry friends! I will be back soon I promise! ❤

I downloaded the prequel to Dead Rising 2. It’s called Case Zero. 400 MSP and totally worth it! I love running through the streets killing zombies. I need to get more combo cards, but I’m really enjoying what I’ve played!

Finally Plants vs. Zombies came out to XBOX. It’s 1200 MSP. So roughly $20. Hmm… It’s only $7 on my PC. I might just pick it up for train rides. I played through the demo and it’s similar to the PC game. It’s fun and addictive, but not really woth $20.


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