Day 20: Meme Challenge

Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.

My blog was started with the intention of writing purely about games. I wanted an excuse to spend so much time playing video games. My idea of fun was spending my evenings and weekends playing games. I had created an online community of friends and I loved it!

However, my friends in real life didn’t understand my rather huge obsession, so I decided to do something more concrete and creative with my gaming experiences.

This blog was supposed to be a representation of my gaming experiences. When I started writing, people were sending me messages asking to know more about me (…thanks! That was so sweet <3). I did a couple posts about myself and kept writing about games.

There was a couple tragic events that happened and I ended up sharing them with my blog… and blog readers. So I suppose the blog name should be updated to include “my life” rather than “video games”. It’s not too specific.

Check out this post to see how buying the domain name and deleting my operating system helped out my process! 😉

June 15 Blog Post

June 21 Blog Post

If you want more details, click on Meme Challenge to view upcoming blog topics! :)


2 responses to “Day 20: Meme Challenge

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  2. You know, your writing has gotten better and better too. I love reading your stuff, even if I still don’t get the video game thing!

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