Day 23: Meme Challenge

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

  1. I play video games for fun
  2. I have lots of post-secondary education (5 degrees)
  3. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall
  4. I love the colour green
  5. My favourite food is sushi
  6. My favourite drink is black coffee (Americano’s… espresso shots and hot water!)
  7. I just got transferred into the Infant Program (and I love it!)
  8. I am a concert junkie
  9. I hate olives. I will pick them out of salad dressing. They are so gross!
  10. I wish I ate meat sometimes… but then I remember that “meat” was a living breathing animal and I change my mind. I just can’t bring myself to eat meat 😦
  11. I love the city! I love the bustling craziness of walking down a crowded street.
  12. Strangers talk to me ALL THE TIME! I will be walking down the street and a random stranger will strike up a conversation with me. One time, I was in a clothing store and a little old lady started telling me her whole life story. How she immigrated to Canada, how many years she spent as a nanny. That she got married, had children (she named them and told me a bit about their lives…she was a proud grama!)… and so on.
  13. I find wonder in the smallest moments of every day life. I adore the world that surrounds me and I am so thankful for everything that I have.
  14. I want to travel everywhere and see everything!
  15. I try not to stress the small stuff. I believe in stupid little quotes and I think that everything happens for a reason; and when one door closes another one opens. I believe that life gives you what you can handle and people learn from their experiences. If they don’t learn, they will continue going through the same sort of thing, until they’ve accomplished what was necessary. I believe that William Purkey said it best:
      “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
      Love like you’ll never be hurt,
      Sing like there’s nobody listening,
      And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

One response to “Day 23: Meme Challenge

  1. I love reading your MeMe challenges. And I find those little quotes inspirational too! The dance like nobody’s watching one is my mom’s favorite. Mine is: “I’m afraid I’m not cut out for all that” I said. “Well, who cut you out?” she said. “Cut yourself out again.” ( Elizabeth McMracken) It reminds me to take control of my life and stop relying on other people’s expectations to tell me what I can and cannot do.

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