Beware… I’m venting!

I don’t know if I am overly aggravated cause I am tired or if the people on public transit just SUCK right now. While I was exiting the skytrain and walking up the stairs, someone actually stepped on my heel hard enough to pull my shoe off. WTF. He didn’t even look at me. I told him the least he could do was say sorry. He just walked on. Wow.

…and to add to that… when I got on train, got my netbook all set up… some drunk homeless guy sat across from me and started mumbling. Either to himself or to me. I couldn’t figure it out. I packed up my stuff, and moved upstairs. I sat down again and got comfortable. When I looked beside me there was a couple there. The girl was taking my photograph. WTF. I told her that I could move if she wanted a photo of the seat. She just giggled and faced her partner. Madness… and I swear it’s not me.

The homeless drunk guy walked upstairs and sat beside me again!! Do I have a target on me? Do I have “all mental people should follow me and treat me like crap?” written across my forehead? I don’t know what is happening today! The full moon was yesterday!! Gah…

this is what I look like when flustered... stressed... and WAYY too tired!

Nope… nothing written on my face!

Okay, I get that I am exhausted from last night, but really?! What is going on. Why am I the target of mental people right now?

Some lady just pulled out her full dinner right beside my computer. OMFG. Okay… I get it… I should just be at home in bed right now, but what is this!? She is eating creamy roasted potatoes. I’ve seen her do this before. She eats her dinner on the train. I wonder if she thinks its a fancy restaurant and people want to watch her munch her food. I hate the sound of people chewing… beware, I am on a rant right now! On the plus, I just saw her drizzle food down her chin… how embarrassing! …yet she continues to gobble!

Ah ha! The lady beside me has her soaking wet umbrella rubbing my leg. I just scooted over more. It’s lovely that she isn’t bothered by it rubbing her waterproof jacket, but it’s on my jeans!! Which are not waterproof. Fantastic! She is having dinner too!! Chickpea salad from Jugo Juice… which smells like rotten sewage… yes, literally sewage and a bit of mouldy cabbage! I don’t know how people eat stuff that has been sitting on a shelf all day… especially in a dirty skytrain! AND eating while taking public transit!! Do they not realize how many sick people are on the train. How many people have colds that wipe their snotty face and touch the same table they are using! Maybe I am just too clean… but really!? That’s gross.

Let me explain why I’m so overly cranky… last night was the Katatonia concert. The band is really good. I was stoked for the show!! I love their songs on CD, but the sound live was dire. The sound was actually worse than dire. It was static on top of too much distortion. I am not a concert snob, but the floor had puddles of spilt beer and pop and my feet got stuck to it! One of the bands (actually the first and third) seemed like they were performing for a high school battle of the bands.

I heard that the venue (The Rickshaw) was in a very dodgy part of town, but that the theatre was actually really good. What a load of crap!! It was indeed in the dodgiest part of Vancouver (Hastings & Main). If you look it up (or are familiar with the area), I’m sure you will agree based on the information regarding that lovely little area. It’s a cesspool. It’s where everything that your parents warned you about… happens. It’s where “normal” people don’t walk at night… and often avoid during the day!

Before the show, I went to Gastown with Laura, and we drove through Hastings & Main. There was some dude crossing the street in front of us. He was pulling a box full of used needles. Perhaps he was trying to supply clean needles to the heroin addicts down there? … or maybe he was cleaning up the streets? … or maybe he just thought it would look cool? I have no idea.

After a nice glass of chocolate red wine, lll KiRa lll and I started to walk towards The Rickshaw. A lady came out of a building in front of us. She was on roller blades. She bladed away and then turned around and circled towards us, shouting “we’re not all addicts… you know… we’re not all addicts”. Uhm… ok!? I didn’t even try to initiate a comment or any sort of interaction. She just took it upon herself to come towards us shouting that. We continued walking, and around the corner I found the venue and we hurried along. That’s what you’re suppose to do. Just keep going. I think it would have been more intimidating if it had been a dude, but she went her own way… muttering to herself.

…so back to the concert. I don’t have much to say about it. I heard a new band that I thought was amazing. It had fantastic energy but turned out to be satanic. Sad… they were entertaining!

That is all.


One response to “Beware… I’m venting!

  1. LOL!!!! Public transit sucks indeed. Boo Public transit.

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