Away From The Desk…

I should have posted this a while ago, but I will be away from my blog until Sunday! I am moving and with the insanity of doing renovations at the new place and packing, I totally forgot to call Shaw to switch our service.  I will be offline (unless at the bucks), until Sunday.

This past week has been amazing though!

Last Sunday,  lll KiRa lll took me on the Perfect date. He read my blog and did everything that I could have ever wanted ❤ It was so sweet!! We started off with coffee at the bucks, and then went out for a lovely dinner at The Boathouse, walked around the lake, and then went to the LAN party place and played some Halo Reach… then ended with some late night treats and coffee… mmm….

Monday I went to work in the Infant Program. I am so happy to be back! I love it there!!

Same for Tuesday… work, packing, eating… sleeping…

On Wednesday, I saw Katatonia (which was amazing), and another new band (Orphaned Land). They were pretty good too! Very entertaining!!The venue was rather dodgy and sick, but the 2 bands were really good! I would totally see them again, but just somewhere else!

Thursday, I almost died cause I was so tired! After work, I went home and crashed. Traveling home was rather eventful! Love public transit!

Friday… what did I do Friday… oh yea! I went to work (duh!) and then finished the renovations at the new place. I am so scattered that I was telling lll KiRa lll that I wanted to get stuff done on Friday.. when it WAS Friday! Gah… I was in desperate need of sleep eh!

Saturday, I packed. Boo. But at least it was sunny outside and I got to go for a walk. I was looking for a birthday present for a friend ❤

Last night (Sunday), I went to Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, and Stone Sour. ALL of which ROCKED!! I will do a more in-depth post with pictures and videos when I get settled and have more time! It was totally amazing!! I got a Disturbed pick!!! I was squished, pushed, and jumped on… and it was TOTALLY worth it! I got 2 new sweaters… which were stupidly expensive but beautiful!

Have a lovely week friends!!! …see you next Sunday ❤ ❤


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