Day 27: Meme Challenge

Day 27 – A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?

I don’t think I have changed much since last year. I would like to think I am the same person.

August 16, 2009

However, when I stop to think about this… I have changed. I changed a lot in the past year. Or at least my daily life has changed. In September last year, I was still attending classes while working full time. I’m done school for now (I might take a couple more courses in the new year).

I was working with Toddlers (18 months-3 years). Since then, I have worked in 2 other programs (3-5 years and Infants under 22 months). I am in the Infant Program now and I love it. I love all the programs equally. Each one provides a different perspective and experience working with children. I guess I’m just a sucker for kids! I miss the 3-5 year olds because I could have conversations with them about their experiences. They are rather entertaining! The one day… a little boy came up to me and asked me what was on my face. I told him I had no idea, so we went to a mirror so I could see. Sure enough… it was a pimple! I told him that’s what it was, and he wanted to know why I had it and where it came from… and so the science of acne came out. Gross subject, but kids love to learn! We were able to talk about different types of skin, soaps, and how the body reacts to the environment. I seem to recall a couple days afterwards, he noticed it was gone and he commented on how it wasn’t there anymore!

I am living in a new house. As of today actually. So that’s new. I will have a new room to decorate and set up with my lovely little xbox. I am currently living out of boxes and I am without internet. Everything should be up and running by Sunday!

In December last year, my Dad died. He had a heart attack.

Most of December, January, and February was concentrated on putting my life back together. My Dad’s death was the first member of my immediate family to die.

The way I saw my family changed. People started acting differently. Some became verbally abusive, and others actually got physically abusive with my mom. It’s starting to get better now, but I am still very worried about my mom.

Shortly after my Dad died, I lost 2 friends. One of my old girlfriends from High School. She committed suicide; and an old friend from my days working at Chapters died from an accident. This just confirmed that people die. I had never experienced the loss of a family member or friend before, so I had no idea what it felt like to the people left behind. It hurts. Knowing that someone is gone, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it!

I had to get back to work and put my own life back together. There are bills to pay 😉

I was very focused on my full time course load at school and my full time job. I also had to do a practicum on top of my assignments. Basically I was exhausted until June!

The summer was really nice. I travelled a bit through the states and explored the local hidden gems. I was still at work full time, so I only had weekends and evenings free… but I enjoyed every moment of it!

In July, there was a family gathering (with people from out of town). We had a mini service for my Dad. We spread some ashes and said goodbye. I was feeling a bit better. I had accepted that he was gone.

But… at the beginning of August, my older brother died. His canoe flipped and he didn’t make it to shore on time. I shared most of my feelings with my blog (and the virtual world), as I was going through them.

This really stuck me hard as well. Not only did I have to understand and accept he was gone, I had to alter my family life schema again. I am without my Dad or my eldest Brother. I was feeling lost. I felt like I had no control over anything and I was terribly sad. I suppose that is something different than a year ago.

If we are talking about physical changes, I haven’t changed much. I have grown out most of the black hair dye (so my hair is finally it’s natural colour…dark brown). I still weigh the same, and I’m the same height. It’s possible that I’ve aged a bit 😉 … but that comes with age!

I never would have expected so many life altering events to occur in one year. I suppose the events have changed me. I have changed. I am different than I was a year ago.

September 27, 2009


One response to “Day 27: Meme Challenge

  1. This is a really thoughtful post… um, meaning that you obviously put a lot of thought into it. I love hearing/reading what’s going on in your head. Oh, and I love love LOVE your hair in the new picture. Gorgeous.

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