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Day 8: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Buy a Meal for Someone

How does this keep happening? Today’s challenge is to buy someone a meal.  The challenges for “Giving Back” just keep on falling into my lap and I have no idea how or why!!!

I will start at the beginning of my day.

On my way to work, I was thinking about this task and how I was going to accomplish it. I didn’t want to buy someone sushi or Indian food because they might not like it. Pizza… no fail with pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like pizza (unless they didn’t eat carbs!). I decided that would be a good idea. I could order a medium pizza for someone after work. lll KiRa lll said he would love it if I bought him dinner!

I actually try to put a lot of thought into these challenges because I am putting myself out there and interacting with strangers. It is a rather difficult thing to do. I can’t predict how someone else is going to respond to my “random acts of kindness”.

One of my co-workers was sick today so I was switched to the closing shift, which meant that I had an extra hour to kill before work. Typically on closing shifts I sit at the bucks and play on my computer. Today I needed to pick up some vitamins cause I am starting to get the common cold Ahhhh….

I went to the Organic Veggie store to pick up my Camu C vitamins (which are an excellent source of vitamin C). After that, I was trying to decide where to get my breakfast from. I could get a bagel from the bucks, but I didn’t really want to eat a multigram bagel with plain cream cheese. I decided on the worst place possible because I can get exactly what I wanted.

Mc Yuck.

I know… veggies shouldn’t eat there, but their breakfast isn’t terrible. I was in the line ready to order a bagel with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and the round egg (cause it’s fresher). With no butter or sauces. I figured they couldn’t mess that up. I’ve had it once before and it was decent.

The cashier was having difficulties understanding my order, and I heard a soft “excuse me”, so I turned and looked beside me. There was a young girl standing there (she had to be no more than 25 years old). She said “breakfast burrito” and I shook my head. I told her that I didn’t know anything about it as I don’t eat meat. Then she said, “no, can you buy it for me? I am hungry. I am so hungry”.

I looked at her and I was surprised. I’ve never been asked to buy someone a meal.

While I was thinking about what she was asking me… because it came out of nowhere. The cashier shouted at her and said “No. No panhandling in here.”

I looked at the cashier and told her to wait, that it was okay.

I looked at the girl and said, “of course I will buy you breakfast”. She said “2. 69, it’s 2.69. I’m so hungry.” The cashier asked if I was sure, and I told her yes, please give the girl the meal. I think it was number 6 or something. I asked her if she wanted coffee, but she said no. So I asked if she wanted orange juice, and she smiled.

She kept saying thank you, and I smiled and told her “you’re welcome”. She came out of nowhere and she was gone as soon as her meal was ready.

I was finished another challenge.

People should reach out to each other in times of need, and sometimes it takes one friendly act to impact someone’s whole day.

I really appreciate the messages and comments regarding my challenge. I am so happy that people are watching/reading how I progress through this, and I hope that by the end of it… I’ve inspired a few people to smile at a stranger, and perhaps do a kind act for someone they don’t know.

I had no idea how that happened or why. Especially on the day that my challenge is buying someone a meal. lll KiRa lll asked me if I had announced my challenge to people around here. I told him that the only people who know about it, are those who read my blog or follow me on twitter and facebook.

I told my co-workers about it, and one of them suggested that the girl who needed a meal, was an angel.



Day 7: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Use your Game Character in band tour for 30 minutes and describe the other members of the band

I don’t know what to say about my band mates! We rocked for an hour Ellync had a broken pedal so she did fantastic! ThuddGoesDeBass was totally sick, but crawled out of his bed to play with us (…and he was filling in for our missing girly). Melbabe63 was doing fantastic! Everyone is super stoked for the release of Rockband3 on Tuesday October 26th!! There is no band practice next week cause we are all going to be a tad too busy playing through the new games coming out 🙂

Melbabe63 on Guitar

ThuddGoesDeBass on Bass

Ellync on Drums

Midnite Faery on Vocals

Band Practice #2

SONG Melbabe63 ThuddGoesDeBass Ellync Midnite Faery
Smells Like Teen Spirit 

1, 027, 466










1, 198, 713









It’s the End of the World As We Know It 

1, 657, 056









Dead & Bloated 

1, 777, 132









Driver 8 

1, 338, 917









Limelight (Original Version) 

1, 245, 141










1, 270, 178









Minority 99% 








Pulling Teeth 

957, 362









My Name is Jonas 

859, 999









Day 6: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Give 5 Muffins to People

I sent out a post on twitter and facebook stating that I was going to IGA to buy muffins, but on my way there I saw a Tim Hortins. I decided that it would be best to go there because they are fresh muffins and each one can be individually bagged. Which is easier to give to people. I was at the Timmy’s near Burrard Skytrain Station.

View of the city from the hotel I was working at... Burrard & Nelson

I was working at a charity event for Prader’s Willie Syndrome. I had a lot of fun and got to meet a bunch of new children. I have always tried to give back to my community in one way or another, so this gaming and giving back challenge is just another way to do something and record it.

The city I love and the reason people are lost in it...

I went into the Timmy’s to buy 5 muffins. The cashier told me that it was cheaper to buy 6, so I didn’t complain. 6 muffins it is. So… the total monetary cost for this challenge was under $6.

1st guy was in a driveway near Timmy’s. He didn’t speak but he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. So I did the same.

2nd guy was trying to light a cigarette, he was wet with a buggy full of what appeared as garbage. I walked over to him and offered him a muffin. He smiled, took it and opened it up.

3rd guy was sitting at the lights on Granville and Georgia, while passing it to him, I noticed the lady standing beside me was watching. I smiled at him and made sure to make eye contact with her.

4th guy was sitting at the lights on the other side of Granville and Georgia. I offered him a muffin but he said no. He put his hand up to my face to refuse the muffin. His sign said “Spare Money”, so I guess he didn’t want food. I wished him a good day and carried on.

4th & 5th people were a younger looking couple with a dog. The guy very happily took the muffins and put them aside. His girlfriend was just walking into the skytrain when I asked him if he wanted a couple muffins.

6th guy was picking food out of the garbage bin at the outskirts of the foodcourt in Pacific Center at Granville. He looked at me for a few seconds longer than the rest of the people did. I told him to have a good day. While passing him the muffin, I noticed that his fingers were swollen and all around his nails, it looked like old dirt was stuck there. I felt sad.

The one thing I tried to do when giving out the muffins was make eye contact with each person. The only girl I saw was younger (about my age) and she was with a guy. The rest were older men. It was really sad for me to sit down and think about the men that I gave a muffin to. I know a muffin isn’t much, but I am one person, and I’m trying to do what I can with the limited amount of funds that I have.

I’ve heard that the one thing homeless people want is to feel human. To be noticed. I think that’s what everyone wants. We all walk through life (at least in the city), passing thousands of strangers without even smiling at them to acknowledge their existence.

We all want to be someone.


Day 5: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

What is this weeks DLC for a music game of your choice?  Are any of the songs are worth buying?

This week’s DLC for Rockband is amazing! There are 6 Stone Temple Pilot songs and 3 Jimmy Eats World songs. I am a huge fan of STP so I got the songs! They are fantastic for vocals 🙂 I didn’t pick up the Jimmy Eats World songs, but I heard they are pretty good for guitar.

Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Crackerman” Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
Creep Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Dead & Bloated” Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Huckleberry Crumble” Stone Temple Pilots 2010s Alternative
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
Bleed American Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock
My Best Theory Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock
Pain Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock

Day 4: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Give flowers to a stranger

I was at Granville Skytrain station and I saw a little flower shop. I picked up a cute bouquet of flowers for today’s challenge.

I looked around at the mass amounts of people around me, but no one stood out. I tried to seriously consider who I was going to give this bouquet of flowers to. It could come off as very “wrong” or “awkward” to just hand them to anyone. Plus, I paid for them, so I didn’t want them going in to the garbage!

I thought about giving them to someone who worked at the skytrain, one of the transit people because it is a tough job and there are always really cranky people around. But… lll KiRa lll told me that they would probably feel weird walking around holding flowers while at work, so I couldn’t give them flowers.

hmm… not a dude, cause that would just be weird.

I knew it had to be a girl, but then how does someone go about giving a stranger flowers. It doesn’t seem like it’s that difficult of a task, but I think it’s been my hardest one yet. I have to find someone who looks like they would like the flowers and not think I’m too crazy.

I took 2 skytrains, and I was just about to get off to take a bus… all the while, holding the flowers. When suddenly a lady walks on the skytrain. She had long brown hair and she was holding a rather large box which looked like an umbrella holder inside (there was a picture on the box).  Her face looked tired, but she had kind eyes. I watched her smile as someone she knew entered the train. lll KiRa lll was pretending not to know me. That made it so much easier… sigh…

I was so nervous about approaching a stranger and giving them flowers that I was actually shaking. The kind of shaking that you would get before doing a presentation in front of a group of people.

I was leaving the skytrain and hoping to just pass her the flowers as I exited, but no… sure enough she gets off at the same stop as me. I cautiously walk down the stairs and wait for her at the bottom. I know that she has her hands full and I had no idea how to approach her.

lll KiRa lll walked away from me and just watched as I made a complete fool of myself. I walked up to her, said “excuse me, I’d like to give you some flowers”. She looked at me with confusion and surprise. I carried on to say, “there is nothing attached to them”. She reached out and took them, said “thank you” and I rushed away!

lll KiRa lll laughed at me! Oh how embarrassing!

Task complete.


Day 3: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Create a new Character for a Video Game

I decided to create a new rocker.

Her name is Amaia. She is almost 30 years old, but not quite. She’s a typical girl, and doesn’t want to disclose how old she actually is.Don’t bother guessing… she won’t tell!

Amaia just gave up her job teaching so she could travel the world in her wicked new band. Don’t worry, she has loads of savings to help pay the bills.

Her rocker look is rather gothic with a fringe of punk. She loves black and red.. for anything! .Hair, clothes, accessories… doesn’t matter as long as they are black and/or red!

Amaia studied Philosophy and lived on her University’s campus for years before she moved to a new town for a teaching job. She taught Philosophy at a small College for about 7 years before she decided that she needed a break.

Amaia had been spending all of her free time in the past 2 years playing Rockband and Rockband2. Her vocals were amazing and a few weeks ago, while she was doing karaoke at a Rockband pubnight, a few of her friends created a new band and asked her to tour with them.

It wasn’t a hard decision, as Amaia loved to sing! She packed her bags, paid her rent and took off to rock the globe!

The rest is yet to come… perhaps she will rock out in Rockband3! 😀

Day 2: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Buy a Coffee for Someone

I thought about this challenge on my way to work. I always buy a coffee from Starbucks in the morning. I know… shallow and rather expensive, but it’s my addiction! Alongside with my gaming addiction of course!

I didn’t know if anyone that really “needed” a warm drink would be awake and near the Starbucks that early in the morning. I am on the opening shift this week, so by the time I get to the bucks, it’s just after 7am. Ghastly!

So…I walked into the bucks, and looked at the lady behind me. She was tall, blond hair all sprayed up in partial curls, and sure… she looked grumpy and in need of coffee. I thought I would just tell the lady at the till that her coffee was on me.

I thought about it over and over again. I decided that I didn’t want to be “thanked”. I didn’t want to wait for my card back, or wait to pay for her. She would have to look at me, and that would be strange.

The awkward feeling that comes with doing a good deed is something that I haven’t mastered yet. I feel weird. I feel like I want to do it, but I’m afraid of their reaction. I don’t want anyone who is well off to feel like I see them as needy or I don’t want someone who really needs a drink to feel like they are a charity case. Basically, I don’t want to offend anyone, but I want to give back to the people in my community. It can be anyone, I don’t care what they look like. Sometimes a stranger approaching you and doing or saying something nice can make all the difference. I am aware that sometimes it can have the opposite effect too, and that’s what makes me cautious.

I’ve said this before, but I am not doing the “Giving Back” part of my challenge for any sort of gratification. I just think it’s fair. It’s the nice thing to do. I am not going to preach the word of God or ask that other people do the same for others. I am just doing what feels right for me.

So I waited in the line, looking around and wondering if I would have to go downtown after work so I could do this challenge. I looked at the man in front of me. He was a fire department guy in his full uniform. Th barista gave him a venti coffee and went to warm up his sandwich. He took the coffee and went to get cream and sugar, while forgetting to pay. The barista started to call out to him, but I jumped in and said “actually, I will get that for him”. She looked confused, but took my card. I told her that it’s one of my things to do today, so it’s actually perfect. I paid for his order, and I passed her my cup so I could get a coffee as well.

I left my keys on the counter (they have my starbucks pre-paid card on them), so that I could go to the washroom to wash the lid of my cup. I came back, and got my coffee and my keys. I knew that I had about $6 left on my card, so I knew I would have just enough for both of our orders. His was either $3.64 or $3.46? I was not a 100% sure of the cost but my coffee is $2.46 so I figured there would be just enough.

I was walking up to work, and I was thinking about the costs. I started to question if there was enough on my card to get both of them. I had money on me, but I didn’t know if I have covered it fully. I knew there was not much I could do about it while at work, but I wanted to go down on my break just to make sure. I go to this Starbucks at least a couple times a week, so they know me enough, and I was sure the girl would remember me.

At my break, I walked to the bucks and approached the counter. The same barista asked if there was anything that I wanted. I explained to her that I didn’t know if I had enough money this morning but I’d like to pay what I owe. She giggle and told me that it was only 9 cents short. I said that I had the money and I can pay her now for it. She told me that I am one of the most honest people and that I should have some good karma coming my way. What a nice thought! I smiled, said thank you and left to get my lunch.

I had something else to think about. Karma. What does karma have to do with any of this? I am not doing this to get anything back. I am doing this to Give Back. I don’t expect to receive anything. I don’t want anything in return.

I believe that the small things that we can do for strangers and people we know, might make all the difference in their day.

I’d like to think that my challenge went off with flying colours, regardless of the wee little mix up 😉