Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

First Step: Rocker Creator

Who plays a music game with one of the game characters… fail! You must create your very own person before playing! You are able to select:

Name: Midnite Faery

Gender: Female

Face: Custom (I like any element of the game that gives me control)

I had to remove the default make-up because I couldn’t see the face! Crazy what make-up can do eh 😉

Makeup: Custom

Body: Body 2

Hair: Modest – Black

Tattoos: None

Outfit: Custom

Instrument: Microphone

Woohoo!! She is complete! Now it’s time to ROCK! 😀

Apparently Midnite Faery’s past is as full of remarkable origins, unexpected revelations, and majestic triumphs as you imagine it to be. Yup! I fully agree!!

Obviously I get super excited with new music games! I went on a mission trying to find my microphone this morning because it was in a box. Gah!! I hate living out of boxes!

Johnny Napalm: Speed Freak 0/35 to transform

Echo Tesla: Star Power Generator 0/27 to transform

Oh what!? You don’t get to use your characters? I’m totally confused!

Alright… for my first warrior… I select:

Echo Tesla

First Setlist… in order of COOL songs. Starting with the best!

Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)

First song… I love this song! 99% with 6 Stars. What an awesome way to start eh!

Wish (NIN)

I’ve always had problems singing NIN songs. I don’t know why… I can’t match the pitch! That doesn’t discredit it’s awesomeness!

Machine Head (Bush)

Tick, Tick, Boom (The Hives)

… this song is on Rockband DLC. It’s okay.

Get Free (The Vines)

Meh… it’s okay.

Again (Flyleaf)

I really didn’t like the first song in Rockband1. I am still undecided on whether I like singing this song or not.

Slow Hands (Interpool)

I really did NOT enjoy singing this song. It’s so drab! What a boring song for vocals… It’s so slow too. I can’t see it being any better for other instruments.

Transformation: Echo is being made suitable.

Cut Scene: Warrior Echo: Star Power Generator

… OMG OMG it goes straight to MUSE!!!! 😀

Okay… I officially LOVE this game. Muse!!! Muse!!! Muse!!!

Chapter Completed.

With the first chapter finished, I think I’ve figured out the game. In the Quest Mode, you are the Warrior of Rock that you need to transform. It should start with Johnny Napalm, then go to Echo. I picked Echo because she was a girl, but I see now that the rockers follow a path! Each one has their own setlist.

Johnny Speed Freak

You can potentially get 2 extra stars if you stay in 3x. Uhmm… sweet!! 😀

The best songs for Johnny are:

Black Rain (Soundgarden)

I got 7 Stars… is that possible!? 7 stars!! sweet deal 🙂

Plus… an avatar award.

Self-Esteem (The Offspring)

Imagine that… 7 stars again!

Motivation (Sum 41)


Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)

I can’t believe this… I think I love 7 stars! ❤ Another Rockband DLC… I see a pattern here!

We’re Not Gonna Take it (Twisted Sister)

…but of course… 7 stars again. Who needs Gold when you can have 7 stars!!

There are a couple other songs, but they aren’t worth mentioning. I refuse to play them unless I need to. I hate singing along to garbage.

…oh wait… here comes his transformation! He’s a Spider Demon!

Bring on the Spider Man song!! … and he does what a spider can!

Judy Nails

Within this setlist you need to stay in 4x star power to get a bonus 2 stars!

The best songs for Judy are:

How You Remind Me (Nickleback)

I love this band! I’m not bias that they are from my home town or anything 😉 … or that I paid $5 with a can of soup to see them when they still played on crappy little stages.

Interstate Love Song (STP)

Fantastic song… with a lovely 7 stars!

Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

I don’t think I will ever tire of the 7 stars! I do however LOVE this song, and didn’t expect it to do well singing it! Usually the songs I love… I suck at singing!

Austin Tejas:

His special talent is extra star power! Which is pretty sweet because if you get one phrase then you have enough to activate star power.

The best songs for Austin are:

Rocking in the Free World (Neil Young)

The guitar solos sound awesome! I imagine this one will be popular amongst the guitarists. It was a lot of fun to sing! Reminds me of my Dad ❤ He was a HUGE Neil Young fan!

Fortunate Son (CCR)

Rockband DLC. Great song, but I’ve already played it on Rockband. I am seriously annoyed at how many songs are duplicated on the music games. Why not just combine and be one wicked game!

Free Ride (Edgar Winter)

HELLO Dazed & Confused! This song is so much fun to sing. I am thrilled that its on this game!

Cryin’ (Aerosmith)

Pink would have been better… but I will take this song and bellow my heart out 😉

Listen to her Heart (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

They could have put a better song. This song is WAY too slow. I love … LOVE Tom Petty’s music but the more upbeat and fun stuff! This was just sad. Not a good sad either.

… so far my opinion of the Career Mode was WICKED COOL 😀

or at least it was, until I plugged my internet in and tried to play quickplay online. WTF. It crashes if one person leaves. That’s a HUGE flaw. I wasn’t able to get into a game within a few minutes and then my whole XBOX crashed 😦

I enjoyed playing the career (and I intend on finishing it… probably with guitar because the rest of the songs suck for vocals — except for Slipknot and A7X).

I’m happy this was game a rental and not a purchase.

Time for Left4Dead2 … scavenge with my lovely friend Daisy (who changes her GT every week :P)


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