Review: Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The last post I did was mainly about the song list. I haven’t played the game for very long, so my opinion of it is still fresh. Here’s a bit more detailed review of the actual gameplay.


They are still the same as the previous Guitar Hero’s. The roads look the same and and notes are the same as before. I thought the picture would be a bit crisper, but the stage still appears blurry and in the background while playing a song. Just so you know what I use for gaming. I have a 46 inch Sony flatscreen. It’s awesome! I had a 55 inch Hitachi but it died. The picture is way better on this tv, but sadly I lost size.

Career Mode:

It was weird that you can’t be your own character in the career mode. There isn’t any “money” to earn to purchase things at the store, they just get unlocked as you progress through the game. I love that each warrior has their own special talent which gives you additional stars and star power! I haven’t seen that yet! It made the career play more entertaining because you could get more stars than ever before!


You can compete with other players online through about 15 different modes. For example you can select different warrior powers to use and try to get the highest score. Or, you can just play through normally and try to get the highest score. You can also select your friends that you want to beat and you will be able to watch the circle fill up as you crush them 😉 This is pretty cool! I haven’t figured out how to see where I am on the vocal leaderboards. I’ve only played the game for a couple hours… and I was mainly in the Career Mode as I was off line!


At first I was rather frustrated with this mode. I thought that quickplay was just jumping into a game and playing. It’s not though. You have to have a full band to start the quickplay, and if anyone leaves before the first song is played then it will crash. While in the song menus, the players can select whatever song they want at the same time. There is a countdown to start automatically, so you’re not waiting on a leader. If anyone leaves during a song, it doesn’t cut out and you can continue playing with the other players. I guess you just need a full band to get started.


As for character selection, they have a little bit more you can buy (I love the wings!), but it’s a pretty small selection,and most of it I’ve seen in other music games. The customization of the clothing is pretty limited and not original. Except of course the slime hair and octopus head. However I seem to recall weird characters being offered as “rewards” in LEGO Rockband.

I’m not going to lie though… I love the way my Midnite Faery looks!


There are a lot of DLC for Guitar Hero, and this game supports the other Guitar Hero games so you can transfer all your songs. I am not going to bother though, as I am faithful to Rockband, but it can be done. I think I only bought one download for GH (Guitar Hero). No Rain by Blind Melon.


In conclusion, and to respond to some messages about why on earth I’m playing Guitar Hero (cause I’m a Rockband Girl <3), I love to sing! I love singing along to cool songs! I also enjoy creating new rockers and unlocking achievements. Perhaps I should try the guitar, it will likely be better than the vocals. GH is not known for good vocals!

So far, I would have to say that it’s worth the rental. I personally am not going to buy this game until it’s under $20. I have already played a lot of the songs on other music games, and I don’t want to pay to own them again! If it was a totally new set list and had fantastic graphics… then I would be all over it 😉


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