Penpal Search

I’ve decided that it would be fun to have a couple more penpals. I’d like to think that I’ve been a pretty good penpal to Miss Kari Rose. I’ve bombarded her with mail! 😀

I have a postal box so I don’t have to give out my actual address. You can send the first letter if you’d like. Or I can. Either way works!

I am looking for serious penpals. Yes… serious. People who want to write letters and send small gifts.

I don’t need to know much about you to start, because that would come in time, but I would like to know some basic information.





Why you want to be my penpal?

You can email me at (subject: penpal).

I was going to limit this to people who live out of North America, but that doesn’t make sense… so friends from anywhere around the globe!!

Current friends who live far away can let me know if they want to be my penpals too 🙂 *cough* Gina 😛 xo


2 responses to “Penpal Search

  1. I love the not so obvious last sentence, :P. Of course I wanna be your penpal! Hope you got the address I texted you figured out. Cant wait to start reading and writing the old fashioned way. Lets keep them postal workers busy.

  2. 🙂 postal workers need to be kept busy eh! I love dropping mail off at those little red boxes. Who would have thought that writing letters could be so much fun!

    ❤ xo

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