New Penpals & My Day So Far…

I have been getting slack about wanting to have more than one penpal! I really enjoy writing, and I love getting mail from people… actual letters, which are hand written! It’s such a novelty with current technology. After I explained to lll KiRa lll and other friends, that it really doesn’t require much time or energy, and I spend a lot of time writing for my blog and reviewing games anyways… they understood my new interest.

My very first penpal ever was Kari Rose. She lives in Scotland. I love that I can write to her and get things from her through the post. I’ve sent her a couple postcards, cards, and a small gift. She is 20 years old (tomorrow), and I think she is a great person! I have learned a lot about her from her blog, msn chats, and writing. I can’t wait to receive her next letter.

I posted that I wanted some new penpals. I got a huge response!! Thank you ❤ 🙂 I am however selecting 5 people. I don’t think I could manage any more than that. Not realistically. My new pals are Alyssa, Stephanie, Gina, Darcie, and Liz.

I am 28, and apparently suffering from “Peter Pan” syndrome! It’s the new thing going around at work. A few of our staff… just don’t want to grow up!! Myself included.

I would have to agree that there are elements of my life which are very immature (gaming and graphic novels). HOWEVER, I take it to a very serious level 😉 I am passionate about it because it’s mine. I can read, play, and talk about whatever I want. I’m a fairly laid back person who keeps really busy because it’s just who I am! When I want to chill… I play games!

I will claim that I have a bit of Pan syndrome, but in general I am very responsible and I go to work every day, go home, cook, clean, shop, spend time with family and friends, and usually some other extra curricular activities (renovating, concerts, dinner parties). I take care of my bills (but I will often prioritize games over household things… which is where the pan syndrome comes in!) LOL I don’t need an extra pair of jeans, or shoes… I’m perfectly fine just the way I am. But… I do need new games!!

I love the virtual community on XBOX and I appreciate how attentive my friends are. I have been offline for a while, but I still manage to keep them up-to-date.

It’s in my personality to genuinely care about people I like. Well… that’s a bit of a lie. I care about people in general. I hugged a stranger today because she was bawling and needed a hug. There was a bit of a cat-fight on the train. 2 women about 35 years old got into a physical fight because they were looking at each other and the word “ugly” came out. One girl said the other should blame God that she is so ugly and then the hands started flying and slaps! It was a bit over the top and I can honestly say I’ve never seen two women fight on their way to work in the morning. The train is usually full of sleepy people.

Thanks again to everyone who responded! If I’m looking for new pen pals in the future I will message you ❤ I am really looking forward to getting to know my new pals!! 🙂


3 responses to “New Penpals & My Day So Far…

  1. Just thought I’d say that I like the new layout 🙂

    And that I hope there’s no more cat-fights on the way to work tomorrow!

  2. I cant believe someone is so rude to say that to someone else. They really need some proper people skills. Hope you made it out ok without any flying fists everywhere, geeze.

  3. Thank you Danielle & Gina! I hope that the cat fights stay to a minimum! It was madness first thing in the morning.

    Girls can be very mean eh…

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