Dead Rising 2

I have started the DLC: Case Zero, but then I lost the internet (due to the move… and my laziness), so I wasn’t able to finish playing it. I hope to finish the prequel before I start the actual game.

I want to bring the combo cards into the game when I actually start it. Plus I love slaughtering zombies!

I went to Rogers to ask about the t-shirts that they were giving away with purchase … and they gave it to me for free!!! ❤ I love that I’m such a regular there that I am getting free shirts! It’s super cool!! They didn’t even know it was a t-shirt until another faithful gamer showed them that it was the tape! 🙂

I haven’t opened it yet cause it’s too cool 🙂 I will probably try it on tonight! I am so happy that the weekend is slowly approaching and I can actually get some gaming done. I miss my lovely little xbox and friends!

There is new DLC for Left 4 Dead 2. I heard it wasn’t that fantastic, but I will have to get it this weekend and make that judgment. I can’t wait for more L4D2 😀



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