I’m Not a Vidiot!!

I swear… I just really REALLY love playing video games!

So tonight was my first band practice with new friends on Rockband2. Melbabe had arranged this, and I didn’t expect to start until next week but they had a cancellation and I was able to fill in tonight at 7:30. I arrived on time!! Woohoo! I am always too late to join the practice, but I made it today. They 3 other members had to finish a couple songs so I jumped into quickplay for a few minutes.

The band is called:


The members are:

Heather455 on Guitar

Greese Monkey77 on Bass

Ellync on Drums

Midnite Faery on Vocals

Song Midnite Faery




Greese Monkey77




Train Kept a Rollin’ 99 87 97 93
Livin’ on a 100 99 98 100
Promised Land 95 92 97 96
No Rain 99 92 98 95
Learn to Fly


98 98 98 98
Are you going to be my girl


100 93 97 94
Photograph 100 98 98 97
Wonderwall 100 98 98 96


We all played on Expert and it was a lot of fun to have a band that was full of girls! ❤


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