Day 1: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

I wanted this post to be about the EA Louse’s blog to spread the word of his mental breakdown and disclosure of the politics behind the gaming industry; however, I am not nearly as interested in that as I am interested in my friend Kari Rose’s blog.

I met Kari a few months ago, on Xbox Live. We played some Left4Dead2 and Rockband2 together (surprised!? :P). We found out that we had a lot in common. We were both girl gamers who played games for the fun of it and not to find a nerdy boy (We both have one!). When doing vocal duals it was nearly always a tie. Except for the one day I was coming down with a cold and she slaughtered me! She is generally very quiet on the microphone, but man, does she ever have a voice on line! In chat, twitter, and her blog she expresses herself and her “true” self very openly. Lately I’ve also been fortunate enough to have her as my “Pen Pal”. We send stuff through the post to each other 🙂

…anyways, she also has a blog! Similar to mine, but with way more content. She has been writing online for years! Whereas I’ve been writing since the end of May this year. She’s also a bit more frisky with her “online” writing. I suppose it must get really boring in Scotland… in the middle of nowhere! I wanted my blog to be about my gaming experiences and I added a bit about my life. Actually a lot because people kept sending me messages for more “real life” writing.

For a few months, Kari’s profile picture was of her blinking! She had used a program that allowed a couple second video clip to be used as a photo. It was very cool! She also gets paid for writing. I wish I knew how she does that! I haven’t figured out how to go about doing that yet, but someday I will. I suppose that comes with time and experience blogging online.

Kari inspired me to do the Meme Challenge and the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge. Hopefully I will inspire her to do one of mine 😉 I just created and wrote the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge.

With our time difference, I don’t get to play with her often, but I follow her blog daily (or almost daily). She writes with wit and passion. Plus it’s pretty cool to see another gamer girl write her opinions down. She has been focusing her writing on challenges lately, but if you go back a month or so, you will see … she loves gaming!! She’s been playing Dead Rising2 pretty steady since she got it!

She has a very cool blog about video games and her life. Totally worth checking out!! 🙂

P.S. In case you don’t know anything about the EA Louse, he is a dude who was getting laid off in November, and he basically cracked. He revealed a bunch of information about the people in power at Bioware and EA and why some games are failing. I understand that it sucks to be laid off, but really… outing all sorts of people online in a blog just seems immature and uncalled for. That’s just my opinion though. His blog post went viral and he had over 600 comments within a day!

Check out Kari Rose’s blog here:

Check out EA Louse’s blog here:


3 responses to “Day 1: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

  1. I cried a bit :’)
    This is so lovely ❤ I love you to bits, hehe!

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