Day 2: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Buy a Coffee for Someone

I thought about this challenge on my way to work. I always buy a coffee from Starbucks in the morning. I know… shallow and rather expensive, but it’s my addiction! Alongside with my gaming addiction of course!

I didn’t know if anyone that really “needed” a warm drink would be awake and near the Starbucks that early in the morning. I am on the opening shift this week, so by the time I get to the bucks, it’s just after 7am. Ghastly!

So…I walked into the bucks, and looked at the lady behind me. She was tall, blond hair all sprayed up in partial curls, and sure… she looked grumpy and in need of coffee. I thought I would just tell the lady at the till that her coffee was on me.

I thought about it over and over again. I decided that I didn’t want to be “thanked”. I didn’t want to wait for my card back, or wait to pay for her. She would have to look at me, and that would be strange.

The awkward feeling that comes with doing a good deed is something that I haven’t mastered yet. I feel weird. I feel like I want to do it, but I’m afraid of their reaction. I don’t want anyone who is well off to feel like I see them as needy or I don’t want someone who really needs a drink to feel like they are a charity case. Basically, I don’t want to offend anyone, but I want to give back to the people in my community. It can be anyone, I don’t care what they look like. Sometimes a stranger approaching you and doing or saying something nice can make all the difference. I am aware that sometimes it can have the opposite effect too, and that’s what makes me cautious.

I’ve said this before, but I am not doing the “Giving Back” part of my challenge for any sort of gratification. I just think it’s fair. It’s the nice thing to do. I am not going to preach the word of God or ask that other people do the same for others. I am just doing what feels right for me.

So I waited in the line, looking around and wondering if I would have to go downtown after work so I could do this challenge. I looked at the man in front of me. He was a fire department guy in his full uniform. Th barista gave him a venti coffee and went to warm up his sandwich. He took the coffee and went to get cream and sugar, while forgetting to pay. The barista started to call out to him, but I jumped in and said “actually, I will get that for him”. She looked confused, but took my card. I told her that it’s one of my things to do today, so it’s actually perfect. I paid for his order, and I passed her my cup so I could get a coffee as well.

I left my keys on the counter (they have my starbucks pre-paid card on them), so that I could go to the washroom to wash the lid of my cup. I came back, and got my coffee and my keys. I knew that I had about $6 left on my card, so I knew I would have just enough for both of our orders. His was either $3.64 or $3.46? I was not a 100% sure of the cost but my coffee is $2.46 so I figured there would be just enough.

I was walking up to work, and I was thinking about the costs. I started to question if there was enough on my card to get both of them. I had money on me, but I didn’t know if I have covered it fully. I knew there was not much I could do about it while at work, but I wanted to go down on my break just to make sure. I go to this Starbucks at least a couple times a week, so they know me enough, and I was sure the girl would remember me.

At my break, I walked to the bucks and approached the counter. The same barista asked if there was anything that I wanted. I explained to her that I didn’t know if I had enough money this morning but I’d like to pay what I owe. She giggle and told me that it was only 9 cents short. I said that I had the money and I can pay her now for it. She told me that I am one of the most honest people and that I should have some good karma coming my way. What a nice thought! I smiled, said thank you and left to get my lunch.

I had something else to think about. Karma. What does karma have to do with any of this? I am not doing this to get anything back. I am doing this to Give Back. I don’t expect to receive anything. I don’t want anything in return.

I believe that the small things that we can do for strangers and people we know, might make all the difference in their day.

I’d like to think that my challenge went off with flying colours, regardless of the wee little mix up 😉


One response to “Day 2: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

  1. Awesome! It’s so cool that you’re doing this!

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