Day 3: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Create a new Character for a Video Game

I decided to create a new rocker.

Her name is Amaia. She is almost 30 years old, but not quite. She’s a typical girl, and doesn’t want to disclose how old she actually is.Don’t bother guessing… she won’t tell!

Amaia just gave up her job teaching so she could travel the world in her wicked new band. Don’t worry, she has loads of savings to help pay the bills.

Her rocker look is rather gothic with a fringe of punk. She loves black and red.. for anything! .Hair, clothes, accessories… doesn’t matter as long as they are black and/or red!

Amaia studied Philosophy and lived on her University’s campus for years before she moved to a new town for a teaching job. She taught Philosophy at a small College for about 7 years before she decided that she needed a break.

Amaia had been spending all of her free time in the past 2 years playing Rockband and Rockband2. Her vocals were amazing and a few weeks ago, while she was doing karaoke at a Rockband pubnight, a few of her friends created a new band and asked her to tour with them.

It wasn’t a hard decision, as Amaia loved to sing! She packed her bags, paid her rent and took off to rock the globe!

The rest is yet to come… perhaps she will rock out in Rockband3! 😀


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