Day 4: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Give flowers to a stranger

I was at Granville Skytrain station and I saw a little flower shop. I picked up a cute bouquet of flowers for today’s challenge.

I looked around at the mass amounts of people around me, but no one stood out. I tried to seriously consider who I was going to give this bouquet of flowers to. It could come off as very “wrong” or “awkward” to just hand them to anyone. Plus, I paid for them, so I didn’t want them going in to the garbage!

I thought about giving them to someone who worked at the skytrain, one of the transit people because it is a tough job and there are always really cranky people around. But… lll KiRa lll told me that they would probably feel weird walking around holding flowers while at work, so I couldn’t give them flowers.

hmm… not a dude, cause that would just be weird.

I knew it had to be a girl, but then how does someone go about giving a stranger flowers. It doesn’t seem like it’s that difficult of a task, but I think it’s been my hardest one yet. I have to find someone who looks like they would like the flowers and not think I’m too crazy.

I took 2 skytrains, and I was just about to get off to take a bus… all the while, holding the flowers. When suddenly a lady walks on the skytrain. She had long brown hair and she was holding a rather large box which looked like an umbrella holder inside (there was a picture on the box).  Her face looked tired, but she had kind eyes. I watched her smile as someone she knew entered the train. lll KiRa lll was pretending not to know me. That made it so much easier… sigh…

I was so nervous about approaching a stranger and giving them flowers that I was actually shaking. The kind of shaking that you would get before doing a presentation in front of a group of people.

I was leaving the skytrain and hoping to just pass her the flowers as I exited, but no… sure enough she gets off at the same stop as me. I cautiously walk down the stairs and wait for her at the bottom. I know that she has her hands full and I had no idea how to approach her.

lll KiRa lll walked away from me and just watched as I made a complete fool of myself. I walked up to her, said “excuse me, I’d like to give you some flowers”. She looked at me with confusion and surprise. I carried on to say, “there is nothing attached to them”. She reached out and took them, said “thank you” and I rushed away!

lll KiRa lll laughed at me! Oh how embarrassing!

Task complete.



One response to “Day 4: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

  1. Haha aww this is so cute! I can’t believe how nervous you were! Though honestly, I probably wouldn’t be much better. I’m getting good at giving strangers compliments, but flowers are on a whole new level.

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