Day 6: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

Give 5 Muffins to People

I sent out a post on twitter and facebook stating that I was going to IGA to buy muffins, but on my way there I saw a Tim Hortins. I decided that it would be best to go there because they are fresh muffins and each one can be individually bagged. Which is easier to give to people. I was at the Timmy’s near Burrard Skytrain Station.

View of the city from the hotel I was working at... Burrard & Nelson

I was working at a charity event for Prader’s Willie Syndrome. I had a lot of fun and got to meet a bunch of new children. I have always tried to give back to my community in one way or another, so this gaming and giving back challenge is just another way to do something and record it.

The city I love and the reason people are lost in it...

I went into the Timmy’s to buy 5 muffins. The cashier told me that it was cheaper to buy 6, so I didn’t complain. 6 muffins it is. So… the total monetary cost for this challenge was under $6.

1st guy was in a driveway near Timmy’s. He didn’t speak but he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. So I did the same.

2nd guy was trying to light a cigarette, he was wet with a buggy full of what appeared as garbage. I walked over to him and offered him a muffin. He smiled, took it and opened it up.

3rd guy was sitting at the lights on Granville and Georgia, while passing it to him, I noticed the lady standing beside me was watching. I smiled at him and made sure to make eye contact with her.

4th guy was sitting at the lights on the other side of Granville and Georgia. I offered him a muffin but he said no. He put his hand up to my face to refuse the muffin. His sign said “Spare Money”, so I guess he didn’t want food. I wished him a good day and carried on.

4th & 5th people were a younger looking couple with a dog. The guy very happily took the muffins and put them aside. His girlfriend was just walking into the skytrain when I asked him if he wanted a couple muffins.

6th guy was picking food out of the garbage bin at the outskirts of the foodcourt in Pacific Center at Granville. He looked at me for a few seconds longer than the rest of the people did. I told him to have a good day. While passing him the muffin, I noticed that his fingers were swollen and all around his nails, it looked like old dirt was stuck there. I felt sad.

The one thing I tried to do when giving out the muffins was make eye contact with each person. The only girl I saw was younger (about my age) and she was with a guy. The rest were older men. It was really sad for me to sit down and think about the men that I gave a muffin to. I know a muffin isn’t much, but I am one person, and I’m trying to do what I can with the limited amount of funds that I have.

I’ve heard that the one thing homeless people want is to feel human. To be noticed. I think that’s what everyone wants. We all walk through life (at least in the city), passing thousands of strangers without even smiling at them to acknowledge their existence.

We all want to be someone.



One response to “Day 6: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

  1. Awwww, that was so sweet 🙂 It is really hard to acknowledge all that goes on in the world around us… everyone in distress seems to “blend” into the background of Vancouver streets because there’s so much of it.

    But look at it this way too… your courage is giving me more courage to give back as well. And in turn, with my son seeing me give, he’s donating his (little bit of) money to charities when he can too. So your “small” doings, like muffin giving and flower giving, is bigger than you think. You’re a wonderful example 🙂

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