I’ve taken a bit of a break…

But not to worry, I ‘m back!!

I was pretty sick for the past week or so, and I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything. What terrible timing to, as 2 new games were finally released! There was a few more games that I’m not too keen about, but Rockband 3 and Fable 3… awesome!

I had a bit of a run around with the pre-order code for Rockband 3. I tried to pre-order from EB Games, but they said they were no longer accepting pre-orders as EA told them to stop. The manager carried on to say that EA pays them to keep the advertising posted, but not to give out codes. I was a bit miffed, so I called and emailed EA. I explained the situation, and that I just wanted my 3 stupid songs for doing the pre-order and EB Games wasn’t giving it to me. EA said in their email, that they never told anyone to stop taking pre-orders. WOW…sigh… so I called EB Games (their 1-800 number) so that I wasn’t dealing directly with the retarded manager at my local store. EB Games sent me the code via email within 10 minutes and I got my 3 songs.

I know that it’s only 3 songs, which is worth about $6… but it’s the principle! I wanted those songs and I was told I wasn’t allowed, when in fact I was! Grrr… at least that was sorted.

Now, I am dealing with LEGO Rockband. A few months ago, I bought a previously played game from Rogers because I wanted to play it and then I found out you can transfer the songs onto Rockband. You have to go to their Lego Rockband website and punch in a code, which will give you another code that you can use on your xbox to purchase the license to transfer them. And if that sounds like a run around… wait till you read this!

I wanted to transfer the songs (cause it’s an extra 50 or 60 songs) so I went out and bought another NEW game so I could use the code. I went onto the website to punch in the code, and the website said they no longer have codes!! So… I called Lego Rockband support and told them that I own 2 games now and I want the code so I can pay to transfer. They said that their website is having problems and all I have to do is take a photo of my code sheet, email it to them and they will give me a code. Okay… I did that. I waited about 4 days and didn’t hear back from anyone so I sent an email requesting the code again. Yesterday I finally got an email back saying that they don’t have any codes!! They will “soon” and they suggested that I follow their forums to watch the progress of the game.

So… I sent a message back saying that I am finding this whole process rather annoying and I want to get the code. I asked when “soon” was and if I should just return the games. Oh yea, you have to pay to transfer the songs after getting the codes.

There’s my rant about Rockband. All these little problems affected my love for Rockband 3. I have just started to get into the game play. There are a couple things that I wish they didn’t do. Whenever I turn on the game and want to sing, I have to turn my microphone down. In Rockband 2, it saved my settings so I didn’t have to do it every game. Also, there is no more dual. You can’t play with another person on the same instrument and dual them. Boo.

But… I am ranked 143 in the world for solo Vocals and I haven’t even played all the songs yet. 😀

I am getting kicked off the computer, so I will write more later.

The Challenge (Gaming and Giving Back) will continue soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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