The Upcoming Holidays…

The Upcoming Holidays…

I’ve decided it’s time to blog about fun stuff, and topics I’m interested in doing, in addition to the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge. I miss writing (or rather, rambling) about Rock Band and Left 4 Dead 2.

To this day, I haven’t been approached again to purchase someone food. Only on the day it was my challenge. No one has forgotten to purchase their coffee or looked like the perfect person to give flowers to. I do believe they were there for a reason, or perhaps I just noticed them because I was looking. Either way, I was able to give back without expecting anything in return.

I designed the Gaming & Giving Back Challenge because I wanted to do “good” deeds while having fun gaming. It gave me an excuse to purchase things for other people that I wouldn’t normally buy. Plus, I was able to play games without a time limit because it was for my challenge.

…that was the idea.

I got really busy with some personal family issues and work. My challenge posts got fewer and fewer and soon enough I was so disconnected from the original idea that I didn’t know if I should even continue it.

Two days ago, I phoned a high school that has a teen parent program and I asked to speak with their coordinator. I wanted to sponsor a family for Christmas. I see all the toys and the massive push for parents to provide gifts to their wee ones and I feel sad for the parents who can’t afford any. I was discussing who to sponsor with lll KiRa lll. There are churches and food banks that organize some support and distribute information about families who would really benefit from being sponsored. Of course, there are people that I know that would really like a cart full of food and a few gifts, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t able to shelter and feed themselves (at least for the most part). lll KiRa lll suggested helping someone we don’t know because they will likely need it more. I was drawn to a family at the teen parent program. It just felt right. I’ve never been in the financial situation where I could afford to help another family. This is a first for me. I’ve been working full-time for 18 months and prior to that, I was in school. As you can imagine, the life of a student (who is paying for it themselves), is a poor one!

Last Christmas, my dad died. I wasn’t in the right psychological space to think of anyone other than my mom and the rest of my immediate family.

…but this Christmas, I am.

I think it’s important not to focus on sad days, but to create happy experiences and memories. I hate dwelling on the negative. I truly believe that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…and dammit I will walk away smiling!!

Today I will find out a bit of information on the family. The child will be under 2 years old! I don’t know if there will be a mom and dad or just one parent. I am really looking forward to this! I was talking to my friend, Priscilla, about helping out at Christmas and she seemed keen. Actually, more than keen, she wanted to sign up for a family too! So when I call the school today I will be able to get information for both of us. I posted this as a status on Facebook and I had a bunch of friends comment that they too wanted to sponsor a family. I provided a few phone numbers and contact information to get more families a sponsor for Christmas.

I will continue my challenge because it helps other people. I want to keep Giving Back 🙂

lll KiRa lll laughed at me and thought I was cute. I huffed a bit and smiled at him. I am only doing what feels right!

I believe that when we die, we leave behind memories with living people and deeds that we’ve done.

It is with that, I will turn off my computer and trek to home.

Have a lovely day! 🙂


One response to “The Upcoming Holidays…

  1. life really does give you so much meaning when you help others. as a nurse it is at their end for comfort or somewhere in between then and the beginning for everything else. that is why i love it so much!

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