Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 15

Play & Review an arcade game from the XBOX dashboard for at least 30 minutes.


I’m not usually a fan of the arcade games on Xbox or PS3 because I like to be stimulated with pretty graphics and other people online. However, it is one of my challenges to play and review an arcade game. I had intended on writing about Plants vs. Zombies because I played it and it was fun and addictive, but I’ve decided to write about Braid.

I was chatting with someone at work about video games and fun arcade games. He suggested that I might like Braid. At first I thought he was saying Brain, so I looked up the Brain Challenge game and found it to be rather boring! Sure people that like crosswords and Sudoku might like it, but it’s not for me. I asked if that was the game and he told me it was BraiD. Ah ha! He said that each mission was at most 45 minutes and that it was a puzzle type game, similar to Super Meat Boy (which is amazing!) and Portal.

So…I downloaded the demo.

It starts off kind of weird. I didn’t know if the game had started or if I needed to go into the main menu and actually “start” the game. I think that’s an interesting feature!

There are a bunch of different worlds with an assortment of levels and puzzles in each one. The trail actually gives you a lot of gameplay. I would highly recommend downloading it. It’s FREE! The game itself is only 800 points so if you have some microsoft points … it seems like a good investment. I am going to buy it 🙂

Braid is the kind of game that you can do a level and feel successful about finding all the puzzle pieces. It seems simple enough but actually requires thought and planning to get the trickier pieces.

The music is pretty cheesy, but good cheesy. Sort of classical Irish music!

The gameplay is clever! It’s simple enough graphics but you have to interact with the environment and creatures to help you progress through. Use the different options and controls you have in order to complete the puzzles. This includes holding X down to rewind a bit if you need to pick up a key and jump (hint hint).

Have fun!


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