Surprise! It Rains In Vancouver


This morning was rather dreadful outside. The rain was pouring down and it had to be below 0 degrees!

I went about my usual morning routines. Got up, got ready for work, and started my trip into work. I had to drop a letter in the postbox and try to manoeuvre my bag and unzipped coat while holding a rather large umbrella. I managed to do it all with great success!

While standing at the train station, I waited under cover until there was about 3 minutes remaining. I started to walk down the long and wet platform. I noticed that everyone on the platform had their huge umbrellas open except for one guy. He was getting drenched! I walked up to him and put the umbrella over his head too. I told him that someone shared an umbrella with me once and I couldn’t stand there knowing he was getting soaked, and I had plenty of dry space to share!

He tried to tell me that once you’re wet, you’re wet. I thought of the Seinfeld show I watched last night where Jerry expressed to George that it’s not possible to be overly wet, dry, or dead. You just are.

Regardless, I saved him from a few million raindrops and when the train approached, he said thank you, and I told him to have a good day!

I walked a bit further down the platform, onto the train, and found a cozy seat.

This wasn’t one of my challenges, just something I did. I have come to the conclusion, that it doesn’t take much to make a difference in someones life so why not step out of your bubble occasionally to do something nice for a stranger.

A simple kind act.


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