Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 18

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

This was a hard decision, I didn’t know who I should call. I have a girlfriend who just had a baby. We have been chatting through text and facebook. I also have a few friends who have moved away. I suppose I could pick up a phone card and call someone overseas that I haven’t spoken to in ages! I still have to write a letter to my friend in New Zealand, perhaps I should ring her!

Nah…. my life has been a bit too stressful for the past few days and I am not a huge fan of the phone, so I texted some love to a university friend and I’m sure she smiled! I got a lovely text back too 🙂
I will call someone when I feel a bit happier!

I did do a couple nice deeds however. I gave a homeless man a coupon for any drink/any size at Starbucks. I gave a LEGO Rockband code to an xbox friend so he could have the songs on Rockband 3. I smiled at a bunch of strangers and offered to do additional childcare after work tomorrow 🙂

Good night


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