I have been sort of awol from writing in my blog for the past couple weeks.

My Gaming & Giving Back Challenge got scattered due to some rather unfortunate situations at work. I can’t wait to start participating again in my own Challenge creation!

I have recently resigned from my position at work and I couldn’t feel better about my decision. Although I am really sad to leave such wonderful families and some fantastic staff members, I couldn’t handle working there anymore. I am not going into more details in my blog, not right now anyways… but if I feel like ranting at a later date, this might be my venting plate. Hey! That rhymes 😉

On the plus, I got a NEW job on my first day of being unemployed! I am still teaching, and hopefully this environment is more professional and doesn’t rely on gossiping to pass the time. Also, I am going to attempt to write some game reviews for Nerdemic. For fun of course!

With Rock Band 3, I am currently ranked #19 in the world. I have been playing with Lowieee and Hginct14 a lot! …and of course Kari Rose (when our xbox allows us to connect) and a new friend HeyRiles. I can’t seem to get enough of this game! I have always loved Rock Band 1 and 2… and now 3!

I am ranked #1 in the world for the Vocal Battle “Alone in the Car Mixtape” by Harmonix.

If you look under “quickplay” and then “play a setlist” you will find “battles”. There are custom battles and global battles. The one that I am #1 is a global battle. Woohoo!

For the next week, I have a challenge with HeyRiles to see who gets the furthest on the Total Rock Band vocals leaderboards. After that, I will have to take over the Rock Band 3 vocal leaderboards. I am currently ranked in 300 or so. Fail. I haven’t been playing the new songs that much. I have way too many DLC (downloadable content) that I want to sing along to!

I picked up the new Sims 3 game for the xbox. Sadly I think it was a huge waste of money. It’s terrible. I can’t justify sitting there controlling a fake “me” and watch as “I” play video games, make dinner, go to the bathroom, and search for work! What on earth was I thinking before purchasing that game (AGAIN!). Sigh… sometimes I just never learn! I already had this game on the PC and never played it cause it was rubbish. I thought it might have been better

I created my very first YouTube video of my lovely Midnite Faery rocking out to Evanescence. Check it out when you have a chance. I am going to try to record and upload more videos as much as possible.


One response to “Ramblings

  1. hey you! 🙂 sorry to tell you the truth in regards to working in a mainly women populated job force but they gossip and thats all there is to it. it drives me insane to but one job to the next can be different in a sense of it being less or more than another. i hope your new place of work is definitely on the lesser side for the sake of your sanity. right not for my place of work im so sick of always helping my fellow employees and then when im busy and they are not they feel the need instead of helping me once in a while tell me by the way thats your patient ringing!!! i think i may become like the others and just go tell on them for doing something wrong rather than discuss it with the paerson directly, :P. fucking women. well theres my vent on your page, lol.

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