Podcast & Update

Today I am the “special guest” for a podcast on http://www.nerdemic.com! I can’t wait. I will be talking about my favourite games and any upcoming games that I am looking forward to! Exciting!! I hope you will check out all my nerdiness!

I’ve also bought a new domain name http://www.epicgirlygamer.com I am going to be transfering all my “gaming” posts there and then keeping http://www.midnitefaery.com as my more personal blog. So readers can choose which blog they would like to follow. Perhaps both!? 😉

I know I’ve been rather busy and haven’t blogged much lately, but I had a bunch family come out from Ontario! It’s been loud, crazy, and outrageously fun! I don’t know how I would have made it through the holiday’s without them. I think that they came at the right time and I will forever love and appreciate their brightness that they brought with them.  I was afraid of the holidays. It was the first time we would be “celebrating” without my Dad or eldest brother.  Sometimes chaotic fun is necessary! I had an amazing holiday! …and they were both with us, the whole time 🙂

I suppose that’s it for now, thanks for reading and I promise…TOTALLY promise, that this year will be filled with many ups-and-downs in my life which you might find amusing, and dammit I will write some fantastic game reviews!

Enjoy your weekend!


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