About Me

…and so my blogging journey begins

I love to play video games in any spare moment I have. I play Rockband 2 and Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 daily plus a large variety of games occasionally. I have just started Alan Wake and I’m watching lll KiRa lll play Red Dead Redemption. I was stoked to find Wall-E for $14.99 at my local Rogers Video store. It was previously played (and I could tell it was by a child due to all the scratches!) but it’s Wall-E!

I am trying to plan my vacation time. The last 10 days I had off work, I spent it playing games and getting most of the achievements for Left 4 Dead 2. My plan this time was to camp a little bit and get my ranking in the top 100 for Rockband 2 vocals. I am currently at 1724. It could seem like an impossible mission but I jumped 70 spots by playing about 10 songs. So I have to basically master all the songs that my lovely Rockband game decided to list as unplayed and get them on the charts.

Oh but wait…I just recalled that on day 2 of my previous vacation, my xbox elite decided to get the red rings. That was terrible! I cried… I sat on the phone with Microsoft and Future shop and cried about the terrible timing and how I needed to play! Well.. I didn’t really “need” to, but damn it! I was having a video-cation with my xbox!! Thankfully I just transferred my hard drive into lll KiRa lll’s xbox and used his while mine was sent away to be refurbished or whatever they do. A couple days after my video-cation was over… my xbox was returned in a beautiful new case!

I also want to get more achievements for Gears 2 before Gears 3 comes out! I saw 4 map packs on “sale” for 800 MSP. I will probably grab them this weekend. I played some warfare with Slippery Stompy and his friends last week and it was sweet! Until I tried to play without them and I actually went down in my ranking! I didn’t know that was possible. I dropped from my whooping 3 to 2 😦 Basically I suck on Gears 2 multiplayer cause I don’t know the maps or how the game play works but if I spend as much time doing that as playing L4D2 or RB2 then I’m sure my ranking would go up quickly (…and my skills at it too!).


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