10 Reasons You SHOULD Date a Girl Gamer {August 20, 2010}

My 10 reasons that you SHOULD date a gamer girl:

  1. Dating: You will always have something fun to do together that you both enjoy. When all else fails, grab a coffee and go game browsing to find a new game to play!
  2. Conversations: You can discuss and debate games, because you are likely going to disagree about games but also see things from a new perspective.
  3. Gaming consideration: You will duck down when walking in front of the television.
  4. Similar personality traits: If you are with a girl gamer than she will likely be with you cause she loves your nerdiness. She is either a closet nerd (preppy girl who plays games), or a full on nerd (girly who will hide out in her room and avoid sunlight and real people at all costs).
  5. Candy & Brains: okay… really… how many gamer boys wouldn’t love to bring a cute girl out with them and actually have her fit in with his friends. Girls that know about games (and I mean actually “know” about gaming) are totally wicked.
  6. Financially: If you are spending your money on something that both people want, then there’s no argument about money. Girls that go out and shop at the mall for endless hours buying make-up and clothes and basically any crap they can cover themselves up with VS. Girl’s that buy games!? No contest there. It’s like a girl gamer going out with a jock. It just wouldn’t work. He would be all interested in sports and going out after the games whereas she would want to be at home shooting something or blowing something up.
  7. Cuddling: The best sort of cuddling could happen while snuggled up killing some nasty creature. Plus girls that play games know how crucial it is to get a wicked headshot or kill the final boss. They will save the need for attention till after you’re done taking care of business.
  8. Fun: You can play games together!! Gamer girls love to do the same thing as you.
  9. Differences: Your girly will likely have a slightly different taste in the type of game she play. For example, in Rockband she may want to play the bass (so you can rock out with the guitar). Or in co-op games (such as Resident Evil 5) you can play the dude character and she can be the girl. There are more girl characters to play (Zoey & Rochelle in Left for Dead). Even RPG’s (role playing games) like Fable 2 or Mass Effect 2 allows for girl characters.
  10. Knight in Shining Armour: as long as you stay a bigger nerd than your girly (and chances are you will), she will always look to you for help. Whether it be to fix her operating system after she accidently deletes it (don’t ask how :S), or if its to help open ports on her router so she can connect with her friends on Xbox live, or if it’s to share random information about the gaming world and networking.

Girls are awesome whether they play games or not… but a gamer girl rocks a whole lot more than the average girl! She loves the same things as you and understands what it means to hide out for hours on end and stare at television. She will be by your side as you immerse yourself in the gaming world.


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