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Harry Potter: Lego Years 1-4

The idea behind this game is amazing. I love Harry Potter and I’ve played all the HP games on xbox. I saw that the new Harry Potter Lego is out. Released on June 29, 2010. I am undecided whether it’s worth it to buy now or wait until it’s previously played. It is currently priced at $49.99 plus taxes.


  • It’s Harry Potter
  • I get to play it now
  • I have time to play a new game (I’m on holiday!)
  • It got 8.0 on gamespot
  • The video on YouTube makes the game look cute and similar to the actual storyline and major plot points.


  • The controls look a bit wonky
  • The gameplay looks super cheesy
  • It is the sort of game that will be $20 in two months
  • The new HST is not applied to used games so if I wait then its 12% cheaper
  • It’s Lego.

There is no benefit to buying it new. It’s not as if I would be losing out of DLC or download codes. I played Lego Rockband and I wish I bought it new for the transfer code. I didn’t like the graphics or the “Lego theme”…just the songs.

If Rogers has it as a rental, I will probably just grab it today. If they don’t then I will just buy it. Review to come! 🙂


Fable 2 Review

I’m sure anyone who has heard that Fable 3 is coming out can’t wait! I was inspired to write a new blog post about Fable 2 because I’m super excited about Fable 3 and I wanted to share my opinion regarding Fable 2! 🙂

Sure there were a couple features in Fable 2 which made it less than great, BUT there were so many things that made it a fantastic game to play.

I was talking to my local starbucks guy this morning (whom is a wicked drummer IRL). He plays on the regular xbox. I should lend him the first Fable. It was superior to Fable 2 but the newer games are often the preferred ones. He asked if it’s like Zelda. Hmm… is it? I suppose there is a similar sequence to the events that occur and its first person.

You are on a mission to save your sister (who could be seen as Zelda). You have weapons and you kill things (without too much gore). There are side missions and a number of “must-kill” bad guys to progress to the next level. Similar to the beating end of level guys to get pieces of the puzzle in Zelda. It is a mission. Your character is going through all this to save their sister.

When choosing your character to play, you can be a boy or a girl! I know a lot of boys generally pick a girl character because they are “prettier” to look at. With this game, you want the character to represent you (or what you’d like them to) because they change their physical features based on the choices you make. The decisions you make at the very beginning have an effect too because you start earning “good” or “evil”. Yes…childhood choices have consequences. Nothing like real life eh.

I played through as good, making sure to make all the “right” decisions. Sometimes I felt left out of fun though 😦 Being “evil” meant that you could smash stuff and get points, you could kill anything, and bribe people into doing whatever you wanted. I have considered going through with an “evil” character, but it is an RPG, and like any RPG it takes time to invest in the character and missions. I haven’t been bored of my other games enough to give up my time to play them. Maybe with Fable 3 I will go through as evil first!

A fantastic feature of the Fable games is the magic. You can do a bunch of different spells (depending on what you use your orbs to upgrade). I loved fire. Fire kills most things! There are five tiers to upgrade. This is similar to Dragon’s age where the upgraded spells are more fantastic and stronger! Magic is called Will power. Just as your character changes based on your choices, if you choose to use magic then your character will grow blue or red veins. Blue veins if you’re good and red veins if you’re evil. They become pretty disgusting to look at. I actually did a run through with a girl character with no magic because I wanted her to look “perfect”. She had the super glowing halo and was very strong! That said, if you are playing as an “evil” character then the veins will add a cool element to the scariness and yuckiness of your character. The more magic you use, the more veins you get.

A new addition, not seen in the original Fable, was your pet mutt… I mean dog. You get a dog that follows you around sniffing the ground to find treasure and attempting to help you in battle. Make sure you upgrade him/her as much as possible otherwise you will end up with a whimpering little beast following you around because they get hurt easily. I clearly didn’t like the idea of the dog feature, but towards the end of the game, I couldn’t part with the little bugger- which I named Bob.

Beside the main story line, which I thought was pretty interesting and fun to play. There are plenty of side missions to keep you busy. You can work to make money. You can buy and sell things. You can get married, have children, and then if you’re really twisted you can kill off your wives (or husbands)! But remember to be safe and pick up some protection to avoid nasty STD’s.

There are dreaded little gargoyles to find around the world. They taunt you. Listen while walking around for a weaselly little voice, then find the bugger and shoot it! If you find all 50 then you get an achievement and a pretty cool weapon.

There are odd jobs that you can do for the towns people and that usually ends upwith renown and a monetary gift.

Keep an eye out for shinning silver keys because you can use them to open chests. They are scattered all over the world.

There are also Demon Doors (I think 5 of them) that you can open for a surprise. You have to do things in front of the door to get it to open. You will know what it is if you listen carefully to the riddle.

I’ve never played a game relying completely on the map. Actually, most of the time I forget it’s even there until I am so frustrated that I want to quit. Fable 2 has a lovely glowing gold trail which shows you the direction of your next objective. You can change the brightness of this trail so it’s vivid or very faint.

One of the biggest complaints is the end of a game. How do you end a game like this? (I’m not going to tell you the ending… cause you either already know, or you haven’t played it yet and I don’t want to spoil it). That said, I agree that it should have been more like the original Fable or Dragon’s Age. I am still so frustrated with finishing Dragon’s Age that I have considered playing through it again and making different choices and upgrades. That’s a sure sign of a worthy RPG. Fable 2 is a fantastic game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes RPG’s. Sure, the end isn’t ideal but the rest of the game play makes up for it!

Cheers 🙂

Alan Wake: The Lumber Yard

There is a book called “The Creator’s Dilemma” in the back of Alice’s car. Is it another thing worth looking at? There is the option to look at it…so perhaps. It appears that I am going to have a scary trek through the woods to reach the gas station. I know what to expect, but I ran through it pretty quickly the first time.

As you take the trail down the mountain, goodbye car!! It goes smashing down the cliff side.

Further down the path, a piece of the manuscript magically floats down in front of Alan. I’ve found all the manuscripts in Episode 1 except the pages found on Nightmare difficulty. There’s a glowing manuscript page close to the fence to the lumber yard. My first page on Nightmare! Woo! 😀

…of course it’s about Rose. The stupid girl from the coffee shop!

Just after a cut scene with Stucky, on the right hand side is another manuscript page!

Ah ha! Another coffee thermos is hiding behind a log near the logging machine on the left hand side. But you can’t go much further there…so to the right it is!

HOLY CRAP! … up till this point I thought doing it on Nightmare was a joke cause I didn’t die yet. The taken are finally a lot more difficult to kill. Even with headshots… it takes a few shots!

I found a chest with a flare gun and just found another one with batteries. I will have to use the weapons with more consideration because there are large swarms of Taken and a rifle doesn’t cut it.

Once you make it across the log bridge (which you create by moving a stack of logs), there is a little picnic area that has a stack of cans to shoot! (I’ve got 2 of them now!) Then head towards the light and in the little cabin is another radio to listen to (I’ve listened to 2 of those now too!!). There is another chest just behind the shack (on the left) and it has another flare gun in it! Apparently there is an achievement for finding all the chests.

I’ve noticed that the manuscript pages that I’ve already collected appear collected when I press the shift button to look at the pages. But I can still find them scattered all over the world. Interesting. They could be there to light the path so you know what direction to go to. The game is fairly dark and there isn’t a glowing trail or anything to show you where you have to go…except for light. Find the nearest glowing patch of light and run to it!

Rockband: GreenDay

Rockband GreenDay…to rent or to buy? I asked a bunch of people on my xbox friends list and it was pretty clear that the best route is to rent to play then buy if I want to export the songs.

TheMovieManiac said to buy cause it was sweet and you can export the songs onto your Rockband 2 game.

Thunder Buckets said that the calibration is off…so best to rent it!

Lord of da sith said that it depends on how much I like Greenday. It’s cool to rent or to buy. If you buy it then get the plus edition cause you can export the songs.

Pie guy117 said to rent first but he is having fun with the vocals and drums.

Xun4giveablex said he loved it but everyone is different.

Smurfy1o1 said that its best to rent it first to see if you like it, then buy it to export it.

I rented it. I tried the code that was in the booklet but some other renter already used it 😦 lol. If I end up liking any of the songs (that I don’t already own) then I will just download them again. I can’t justify spending $60 on 47 songs that I don’t really want. There will probably be about 10 that I actually like, and most of which, I own.

Graphics: Super grainy. I will try to fix that in the options after this first song. What is with the blue!? Blue pitch lines and score keeper…I’m not a fan. You can’t see your vocal score increasing in the bubble because you can barely see it!

Audio: Sounds good. If you are a GreenDay fan this will be the game for you! I am indifferent. There are some songs I like and others that are meh.

I got my first achievement for this game: “I Threw My Crutches in the River” for getting at least 3 stars on expert difficulty- 15G

Earning Collectibles was done in Rockband Beatles.. guess they liked that feature cause it’s on this game too. I also got CRED. Apparently that is when you earn 3 or 5 stars on a song in career mode. It helps to unlock challenges.

Editing my calibration Audio: 15; Video: 30

The Warehouse: Set 1

Pulling Teeth: 110,000 is needed for Gold Stars. The calibration helps! Make sure you do that before you start playing. I got 114, 000 and 100%. The graphics are still really grainy. I don’t know what else I can do to fix it. In my system settings they are set at 1080p. I even played with the overlay and it is still super grainy. That sucks. I would have been pissed if I paid $60 for this.

When I come around: 134,000 for Gold Stars. I got 146,000 and 100%. I like this song, so it was fun to sing! The graphics are still really throwing me off.

148, 148 to get Gold on F.O.D. I don’t have much to say about this song. It isn’t a favourite of mine, or really catchy either. At least not to me.

I unlocked my first challenge!! I guess 6 CRED will do that 🙂

Having a blast: is stupid to sing. I missed one note. I got “great” on it and I still didn’t get Gold. I got 151, 776 and 99% but no Gold 😦 I tried it again and at 158, 385 I got Gold. Final score of 100% and 166, 356. Grrr…

She: is the last song in the first set. It is a fun song to sing. The pitch is all over the place but manageable. I ended up with 82, 312 and 100%…no Gold! Boo… I don’t know how much I love this game. Where you use star power in this song actually matters. I will try it again! I saved my star power for the end and got Gold with 85, 500! 😀

The Warehouse: Set 2

Coming Clean: What!? Another song that actually needs to use star power at the right place to get gold!? 2 in a row.. wow. So I got 100% and 60, 516 but that is clearly not enough. I decided to use the star power as soon as I got it and I ended up with 64, 672 and Gold!!

Sassafras Roots: 95, 472 got Gold. Fun song to sing, but really short and repetitive.

Basket Case: Ok.. so I am totally excited about this song. It has to be one of my favourite Greenday songs. I just noticed that there isn’t any little tambourine bits, cow bells, or clapping. There are more windows to use star power than in Rockband. I got 92, 360 and 100% with Gold Stars!! 😀

Emenius Sleepus: Fun song. Similar to Sassafras Roots. Very repetitive and quick. Got Gold at 106, 000 (100%). I know its super cheesy but I love seeing the long list of Gold Stars. I know I can get them so there is no reason not too!

Welcome to Paradise: This song is actually hard for me. My pitch and octave doesn’t magically match it. Hmm.. interesting. Sing a bit louder and stronger when the pitch goes up! I got 110, 412 and 99% but…wow, that was a lot harder to sing!

Achievement: “Not Growing Up, Just Burning Out” -20G for earning at least 3 stars on a list of songs for expert vocals. Hmm…where is said list kept? I don’t see it.

…try number 2: It was a lot easier this time because I knew where I had to change my octave and I got 100% with 118, 656 and Gold Stars!

Duff420Hed just responded to my inquiry about the grainy graphics. I think he just wanted it for the DLC’s. Silly boy. I want to enjoy the actual game if I am going to pay for it! He suggested that it gets better later on. The Thunder Buckets said that the calibration is off, but I haven’t experienced that yet.

The Warehouse: Set 3

Chump: 66, 000 with 100% and no gold 😦 I hate playing a song twice just to figure out where to use the star power. You get 4 phrases of star power, and I don’t know where to use them! I got 70,000 the second time and still no gold. It sounds like an intense song for the other instruments! I think the way to do it is to save the first 3 phrases and use it right before the 4th. Yup! That’s it. I got Gold at 72, 328. Final score of 76, 328, 100% and GOLD! Yay me 😉

In the End: Okay song. Nothing great. I got Gold (100% with 91, 628)…but it was short and kinda boring.

Longview: I got Gold and at 150,000 and ended with 162,000. This is a fun song to sing cause you get to change your range a lot. I was also trying to take a photo of the blue bubble so that people can see what I mean. It’s different than Rockband2 because the multiplier is on the side of the bubble in Rockband2 and it is in the bubble for GreenDay.

Burnout: I think most of the older GreenDay songs are good. At least I’ve heard them before! They are really short in length. This is a fun song to sing though! 106, 344 and GOLD 😀


“This is How the West Was Won” -20G for getting at least 3 stars on all the songs in the Warehouse.

“Mud Fight” -15G for completing the listed songs (still don’t know where the list is!?) without the crowd meter going red

All the songs are Gold in The Wearhouse. I “bought” all the challenges from The Wearhouse, using my CRED. I can do the challenges now, or move on to Milton Keynes. I will save the challenges and do them later!

Milton Keynes: Set 1

I love how emo Billy Joel looks now!! No more punky blue hair. He is dressed nicely with a tie and has black slick hair. His make up is darker too! Awe sad… lol They did a good job changing the feeling of the characters! GreenDay actually comes across as sad and thoughtful. The way they move around the stage is slower and mellow dramatic! The stage is even bigger with a bigger crowd!

Wake Me Up When September Ends: 160, 192 with 100% and Gold. Sing-song. Sad and drawn out.

Warning: I used the star power at all the wrong times and still got Gold. Some songs are super finicky and others star power doesn’t matter. I got 137, 580 and I know it can be better cause I totally wasted star power!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Yup…way more emo! The songs are a bit longer now but way sadder! I don’t know very much about the musical history of GreenDay. They’ve been around for a while and I suppose the game is trying to show their progression as a band? From upbeat and punky to emo and dark. 175, 828 and Gold… only 99% though. Hmm… I could do better. I missed one note 😦

Extraordinary Girl: LOL the intro to this song makes them look like wasted stoners! The whole band just lumps around on the stage to the sound of some funky drum. Nodding their heads and closing their eyes. Ha! Love it!! I got 137, 068, Gold and 100%. I’ve never heard this song before…so that’s pretty sweet! It also means that the song is very repetitive and easy to sing along to.

Geek Stink Breath: I love the name of this song! I haven’t heard this one before either! There are a lot more words to sing and you have to watch the pitch more. There is no way I will get Gold. I ended up with 5 stars and 97%. So far, that was the hardest song for me. I was trying to sight read the lyrics and keep the pitch. Sigh… I will try it again! I got Gold and 99% I don’t know what note I missed? It says a 24 phrase streak.

Milton Keynes: Set 2

Whatsername: Ok…so its official. I don’t know these songs at all! I’ve never heard them. I don’t know what they are suppose to sound like. The words are a lot easier to read cause its a slower song. I got 100%, 111, 076 and Gold Stars! Woo <– That is my over enthusiastic “WOO”. Once you’ve heard the little snipit of music on the menu then you should be able to follow along the pitch and just try to learn the lyrics.

Minority: A bit faster paced. Still easy enough to sing at the beginning cause the words are together (for the most part). Use the star power when you get it! I got 100% and no gold cause there wasn’t any windows in the 2nd half of the song to use the power. Nevermind, it showed up as Gold on my screen. Okay… I’m not going to argue with that. Weird though…

American Idiot: It’s good. I like singing it. Got Gold… I am getting bored of this game and recording the same thing over and over again.

I think its a good game to rent, but I would hold off on buying it unless you want the DLC. I will finish writing about this game later..

I want to play something else!