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Sacrifice DLC: Left 4 Dead 2

What is the Sacrifice DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 and is it worth the purchase?

isn't he just the cutest little creature you've ever wanted to KILL 😉


…Let’s start with the cost. It is 560 MSP, which in Canada translates to about $8. Not too shabby for those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs (and in other cases… parents!).

It originated from a comic book series that Valve had introduced. It is a comic about the characters in Left 4 Dead and

This comic can be found by clicking this link: The Sacrifice

The comic book is an entertaining read! It’s in 4 parts 🙂

Alright, back to the DLC (downloadable content)

The characters are from the first Left 4 Dead, and it’s a prequel to the Passing (which is another DLC) .

The new feature included in this DLC is called “Sacrificial Gameplay”. You will have to decide who to sacrifice at the end of the level. The game automatically chooses Bill (if you have the Passing DLC then you would know this).

You will also get the “No Mercy” campaign from the original Left 4 Dead. This one is my favourite campaign, and since I broke my L4D disk… this is a bonus for me! 🙂

The campaign is fantastic! I had a lot of fun playing it. It’s short… so don’t expect loads of areas to explore or lots to do! BUT it’s fun and it’s new … so for the $8 it’s totally worth the purchase!

… go to your game and press YES to download it! 😀



Left 4 Dead 2 DLC!!

I have been waiting anxiously for some new Downloads for Left 4 Dead 2! Finally… months after the release of “The Passing” (which was wonderful btw), we will be able to play “The Sacrifice”. Which will be available October 2010.

With the new DLC, you will be able to play the characters from the first Left 4 Dead. About bloody time!! I miss playing Zoey! =) She kicks some serious zombie butt 😉

If you don’t know this already from “The Passing”, I have some bad news for you. Bill doesn’t make it. His brains are eaten by zombies! The remaining characters are Zoey, Louis, and Francis. That’s okay though… cause with the new DLC you will be able to determine which character gets their brains eaten. Fun… no!?

No Mercy will also be included in the DLC for Left 4 Dead 2! Have fun on your zombie killing rampage! mmmm….brains!

Also… if you are thinking about birthday presents for me (cause I love gifts!) There is a comic series starting in September! There will be 4 books, each one focusing on a specific character. I LOVE comics and Left 4 Dead… so I can’t wait!! I know, my birthday is a long way away, but I thought I would just put the word out there! hehe…

But really, pick up the comics! Or at least make sure the art is good first!

(Bill, Zoey, Louis, Francis)

(Nick, Rochelle, Coach, Ellis)

Wicked Day/Brutal Night

Sunday was rather eventful for me. My day started off as any normal Sunday when I sit at home and play games while lll KiRa lll’s at work. I hate that he works on the weekend 😦 I started off with some Left 4 Dead 2. I usually roll out of bed and turn on my Xbox. While it’s loading, I wake up enough to play. After about 5 minutes I got a message from Duff420hed asking if I wanted to do the setlist cause I had blogged about it the previous day 😉 hehe…

I said sure! I didn’t have much else planned for the day. It took him about an hour to get ready and then we tried connecting for about 20 minutes. For some reason I couldn’t get past the character selection screen. WTF. Super frustrating. We both plugged our Xbox directly into the Internet. Nothing. Okay… so let’s find someone else to host.

I got in touch with Nickeagle and asked if he was keen. Totally thinking he’d be busy, because a 6 hour commitment (at the last minute) is hard to find. But… he was keen!!

So Nickeagle loaded it up and invited us all to a party and band. Mephisto9112 was going to join but I think there was some confusion with what was happening. The difficulty that we played on didn’t matter, just as long as we didn’t fail. Oh well.. maybe he couldn’t rock for that long, which is totally understandable. Perhaps I will be crazy enough to do it again before RB3 comes out.

After many hours of singing, drinking loads of water and coffee… and watching the boys rock out, I finally completed the Rockband 2 Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing. Whew! What a task that was!!

I think it’s the 4th time I’ve done it. The first time I played with a friend in California and we played as soon as the game was released and we made it far enough in the band to play. He failed a lot cause it was late by the time we were at the end. I think we started after I was out of class on a Friday night. So by the end, it was nearing 5am O.o

I played it through a second time to get platinum for my character. This was after I got my own Xbox and I wanted the data on mine. I kept the old character data on lll KiRa lll’s Xbox.

I played it a third cause I was using a different character more and I wanted her to be platinum too. Wow… I really have no life eh! 😉

(ps. That’s more of philosophical debate… what constitutes having a “life”).

The 84 songs take just under 6 hours to complete if no one fails. I’ve always played it with people online. I couldn’t handle sitting there by myself talking to no one for 6 hours and singing! Blah… that would be terrible.

I was on vocals, Nickeagle was on bass, and Duff420hed was on drums. Needless to say… we kicked some serious Rockband butt! We started around 11am, after some tedious network and game issues. We were finished by dinner time and I went out to visit with lll KiRa lll’s family. His mom made us BBQ salmon burgers and salad. Yum!

It was pretty sweet that we always scored in the high nineties (and often 100%… especially for Nickeagle). After 60 songs I managed to get 92% on Shacklers Revenge. Which was bloody fantastic for me! I hate that song. :S

…after dinner we came home and I played some Alan Wake. I figured it had been a while, so I would try to not kill myself on Nightmare difficulty. I was typing up a blog post on my bed while playing. lll KiRa lll was beside me playing a new arcade game on the PS3. We ordered some late-night pizza and went to pick it up.

When I got home and turned my computer on so I could finish blogging, I found out that it was dead. Completely, totally, utterly… DEAD. The screen wouldn’t even turn on.

Not only am I so good with computers that I managed to delete my operating system last week. I killed my computer completely. We are guessing that the fan over heated and melted the motherboard cause it was plugged in with the battery. Sigh…

I have been without a computer since then 😦 The longest I’ve ever gone! Even before my netbook I had

a HUGE heavy laptop that I lugged around with me.

Sad, terrible, brutal way to end a wickedly awesome day!

Saturday’s are Amazing! \m/\>.</\m/

My Saturday morning started with rolling out of bed and turning on the Xbox. Weekends FTW.

I wasn’t even interested in changing the game. Whatever was in there was what I’d be playing.

Left 4 Dead 2.

Kicked some butt on Scavenge.

I’ve joined many lobbies with revott and rosebud but they never started the game, so I haven’t played with them till today. When we won… and the game was over, I decided it would be good to get my morning coffee. Awe I was totally flattered as revott was telling me not to leave cause I was his favourite. Haha… so cute! ❤ thanks.

I went back to L4D2 to find that every game I joined I was stuck with no mic’s!! Argh. That is so frustrating.

I tried out the new Xbox dashboard feature game: Limbo.

Did my Xbox freeze? What’s with the super long introduction and slowly zooming into the trees?! Am I suppose to do something here?

OOOhhh there’s a little boy laying in the grass. His eyes start to glow as soon as you move. Maybe there’s no real introduction after all 🙂

The game is very artistic and it’s black and white. I haven’t played a game quite like this one before.

A or Y = Jump/Climb

Left TS = Move

B = Pull Objects

Jump over any holes in the ground. Otherwise you just move forward in the game and interact with the objects that may come in your way (carts, boats, ropes etc.).

There’s no real soundtrack, except for the sounds that you would expect to hear if you were indeed running through a dusty trail or hopping into a boat (“splash”). I think that’s a cool element as it left me rather confused at first.

It might be a game I’d play if I was sitting alone in my room late at night with nothing else to do. Maybe it gets better? I didn’t play for too long.

Time for some…. guess… I bet you can…


Duff 420Hed invited me to do the endless setlist today but sadly I don’t think I’d have enough time today. I really want that achievement though! Maybe tomorrow 🙂

It’s been ages since I’ve played a solid quickplay game of Rockband. I started off with Linger by the Cranberries with Nickeagle! A little “Clean”, “Sex on Fire”, a bunch of other songs and ending with “Smile if You Mean It”.

The free DLC “dreaming of love” is brutal to sing!! I still haven’t managed to get 100%. Nick scared the crap out of me because he said that he heard I was struggling with that song. WHAT!? He could hear me? Ohhh man… that sucks. I got a new wireless microphone so I didn’t know if people could hear me.

He swears that he couldn’t really “hear” me. Whew! Cause I know I sound like rubbish. I’ve only sang online a couple times and it’s terrible! 😉

We haven’t played in hmm… a year maybe!? Never on at the same time 😦 Last summer we played together almost everyday. We were Cabin #2 in the Camp Rockband Game from It was pretty cool till all the cabins bailed out and lost their bandmates. My band had Nick, Smurfy, and Lessthan. It would be sweet to do something like that again.z

Time for a bit of breaky. Ebi Sunomono mmmm… I ❤ cooking yummy food!

a little time with my favs…

I know I’m lacking in games if I will turn on my xbox before getting a coffee 🙂

Left 4 Dead 2

I loaded up for Left 4 Dead 2 this morning with the intention of killing some zombies. There are many weapons available but I think my weapon of choice is a machine gun. Time for some killing!!

Uh wait a minute… where is my team going!? Nick?… Ellis?? I love people with no mics! grrr… time to find another game.

It’s so hard to play a team game when the team splits up without talking. That’s what makes finding a decent game great! When you have players that talk to each other (and sometimes sing!).

I think the reason I like it so much is because it’s a mindless killing game. You can walk around and shoot anything. well.. not anything, but Zombies! You don’t have to be good at gaming to figure out how to move your person around and cause damage. I’ve seen 6 year olds playing this game!

Lately I’ve spend a bit more time playing versus, and it’s pretty sweet if you have a good team! But I will generally stick to a couple games of scavenge before switching to another game.

If I’m the infected, I love being the spitter in most campaigns because you can find a decent place to hide and blow up the gas cans. Plus the lag of playing with brits makes it a bit easier to actually hit something.

Rockband 2:

Over the course of my holiday I spent maybe an hour playing solo vocals trying to get some of the unranked songs on the leaderboards. I started at 1544 and got to 1387. Not too shabby. Nothing close to the 23 for solo vocals on Green Day, but I will get there 😉 I’d rather play Rockband with people than by myself cause it’s more entertaining.

Its frustrating playing band quickplay when there are so many people without DLC. You can get a full band together and go to the song selection board to find that 2 people quit and the only person who stays has no DLC. Fail.

But then the people who left send invites and you can Gold Star all the DLC songs that you all have in common! Success.

Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold. Need I say more!?)

Bring Me To Life (this is my favourite song to sing ever! I wasn’t a fan of her music before Rockband but that’s because I hadn’t heard any of the music.)

Clouds Over California (I can’t take any credit for singing this song cause it’s all talky bits and you could say “farts” the whole way through and still get 100%)

Wonderwall (easy Gold Stars and 100%)

Mr. Brightside (fantastic song and fantastic band. I ❤ The Killers)

Singing to System of a Down and talking about the Spice Girls was pretty sweet. Who is your favourite Spice Girl? … mine is Posh Spice. I love how snotty and stuck-up she is.

As for new DLC: I would really like to see more Muse for DLC, Chevelle. Lots of Chevelle!! and maybe some Our Lady Peace? I’m feeling the need for some more alternative rock songs that I can sing along to. Why not throw some girly Spice Girls int the mix, I mean, come on already… there’s Hannah Montana DLC!!


Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements

Ok. I am officially addicted to those bloody achievements. I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Kari and her bf for most of the afternoon. There is no way I would have done these achievements without Kari getting it all set up! … thanks love ❤

We started getting my remaining achievements by doing: Violence in Silence. Which is navigating the impound lot and reaching the cemetery saferoom without setting off alarms. We got this one in the first go. It was 30G. I’m surprised I didn’t do this before!!

Then we rescued the poor little gnome from the game and brought him onto the helicopter after a wonderful light spectacle. That gave me another 30G.

There is an achievement for surviving 4 minutes in survival using only melee weapons. This was difficult to do. We made it to 3 minutes a couple times and died. Kari invited her bf in for this one. I ended up lasting 5:27 😀 woo! Beat the Rush for a whooping 15G.

There is a “bug” with The Real Deal achievement because you can go through the whole campaign on easy and change it in the last saferoom (before leaving). I went into the main menu and waited for an invitation from Kari. Once I got the invite I arrived at the finale and walked right into the car. We did the Dead Center campaign. Pretty sweet!! I got 35G for that.

For the Wing and Prayer achievement, I crouched in the corner of the crashed airplane and just meleed a lot! Kari, her bf, and Coach protected me. We had to do it twice cause there was a spitter 😦 but… I got 30G for that!!

Killing a tank with melee weapons gets you 30G! 😀 We tried this on two different maps. Finally I got it!! Kari already has all the achievements for this game. She is wicked good!

I thought about doing the rest of these before but I hadn’t found anyone to play through them with. I am so happy to have met up with Kari 🙂 She is a lot of fun to play games with. Plus her accent is cute too 🙂

Left 4 Dead 2

I have most of the achievements that I think I will get for this game unless I play with a wicked few people for the expert ones. I have been playing the 2nd one since it came out. I got it for my birthday (which was a couple days after it was released). lll KiRa lll had purchased it early at Rogers for $69 to make sure that I would have it on my birthday! But I saw it at Best Buy for 30 less, so we returned it. By returning it unopened to Rogers (lucikly it was put aside as a gift!), I was able to grab it at Best Buy as well as another game for almost the same price as one game. I think I got Dragons Age too, but I might be mistaken. I will have to look up the release date. I was thinking about putting a 2 day xbox live on my other silver account (Midnite Fairy) so I can go through the achievements again. Or I could just keep working on the 13 or so that I don’t have. I’m thinking its a bloody waste of time to do it all again. Best to just try and get the ones I don’t have already! I want to do the 10 versus match that gives an avatar award. I have started a couple matches before and I’m either matched up with a team that doesn’t talk, that sucks, or that leaves. When I’m playing with a team that is decent then the other team leaves. Its really difficult to get to the finale and win. At least for me. I will keep on trying though! If you are interested in helping with the remaining achievements, send me a message on live 🙂