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Holidays and Surprises

This Christmas holiday was amazing! I have loved the chaos and crazy late nights! I have been going to bed around 6am and waking around 2pm. Not to worry though, everyone in my house has been doing it! As if that makes it better eh.

I’ve played a couple good games of Risk and won the first one (with my girlie cousin). We dominated the other 3 boys and watched them try to create treaties and back stab each other. You definitely need the right group of people (and amount of beer) to sit through a few hours of strategic planning and pure luck of the dice! I couldn’t have asked for a better group! The second game had 7 people although Risk was developed for 6. We took a set of “coloured pieces” from the 2-player Risk game that I own and established a value system.

On Christmas morning, I was surprised to find out that I have a new family member. When I was 10 years old I was given a picture of a small boy, who was incidentally known as my little brother. We had the same biological father. So, sure enough, I was commenting some “merry Christmas” love to my cousins and I saw a post after mine wishing “cousins” a merry Christmas. Hmmm… could it be? It’s been more than 15 years since I’ve considered this small boy. I never  anticipated meeting him, seeing him, or talking to him as an adult. I sent a private message to my cousin asking if he was my brother. This was what she said (edited for privacy):

Huh, that’s indeed an unexpected question! He is, in fact, your brother. He lives with his mom. He doesn’t see the biological father either, as far as I know. I haven’t seen him in years, I think he was probably 5 or 6 when I saw him last, but my mom and his mom were kind of friends much in the same way that my mom considers your mom a friend. I think that your aunt may have seen him more recently than the rest of us but not consistently.

I hope this helps, and if I can think of anything else, or if you have any other questions, I would love to talk about it. I enjoy talking about our crazy family 😉

…so I have found my little brother. I got another brother for Christmas! I sent him a message on facebook and added him as a friend. He accepted the friend request and didn’t say anything in response. But not to my surprise, he is a gamer! LOL of course… his status’s have to be about gaming!

It was very weird and I felt awkward about telling other family members, especially after everything that we’ve been though this year. But it seems to have come across as ok, and I haven’t talked to the new brother yet. Hopefully we can meet up on xbox and kill some stuff together! 😉

Guess that’s about it! My Christmas holidays have been filled with family, friends, food, and beer!

Happy holidays everyone!!


An Amazing Band: The Tea Party

Tea Party

I’ve decided that I would make it my personal mission to spread the word about how GREAT The Tea Party is!!

I was talking with lll KiRa lll about The Tea Party and he said that only Canadians and a couple Aussies like them. That is so sad. They are an amazing band! I was listening to them about 15 years ago and my heart melts when I hear their music! It’s so passionate and … well… awesome! 🙂 I asked my good friend Lowieee what she thought of their music, but she had never heard of them!

I would love it if Rock Band would include some of The Tea Party in the DLC or RBN songs! Check out the following videos to see if you like them, and if you do… then start requesting in on the Rock Band forums!! Or you could just comment here about how amazing they are 🙂

Gaming & Giving Back: Day 11

Play a full round of Versus on L4D2. What was the best/worst “infected” that you used?

I played on The Motel campaign. The most popular maps are the motel and the mall. The best infected to have on this map depends on the team mates you have!

If you can work together, then the boomer is a great start because he will cause havoc on the survivors by covering them in bile!

Boomer.. isn't he hott!?

The worst in a jockey because the map is pretty wide open and you can’t move the survivor away fast enough. Plus the jockey doesn’t do much damage so it’s not as much fun.

I’ve taken a bit of a break…

But not to worry, I ‘m back!!

I was pretty sick for the past week or so, and I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything. What terrible timing to, as 2 new games were finally released! There was a few more games that I’m not too keen about, but Rockband 3 and Fable 3… awesome!

I had a bit of a run around with the pre-order code for Rockband 3. I tried to pre-order from EB Games, but they said they were no longer accepting pre-orders as EA told them to stop. The manager carried on to say that EA pays them to keep the advertising posted, but not to give out codes. I was a bit miffed, so I called and emailed EA. I explained the situation, and that I just wanted my 3 stupid songs for doing the pre-order and EB Games wasn’t giving it to me. EA said in their email, that they never told anyone to stop taking pre-orders. WOW…sigh… so I called EB Games (their 1-800 number) so that I wasn’t dealing directly with the retarded manager at my local store. EB Games sent me the code via email within 10 minutes and I got my 3 songs.

I know that it’s only 3 songs, which is worth about $6… but it’s the principle! I wanted those songs and I was told I wasn’t allowed, when in fact I was! Grrr… at least that was sorted.

Now, I am dealing with LEGO Rockband. A few months ago, I bought a previously played game from Rogers because I wanted to play it and then I found out you can transfer the songs onto Rockband. You have to go to their Lego Rockband website and punch in a code, which will give you another code that you can use on your xbox to purchase the license to transfer them. And if that sounds like a run around… wait till you read this!

I wanted to transfer the songs (cause it’s an extra 50 or 60 songs) so I went out and bought another NEW game so I could use the code. I went onto the website to punch in the code, and the website said they no longer have codes!! So… I called Lego Rockband support and told them that I own 2 games now and I want the code so I can pay to transfer. They said that their website is having problems and all I have to do is take a photo of my code sheet, email it to them and they will give me a code. Okay… I did that. I waited about 4 days and didn’t hear back from anyone so I sent an email requesting the code again. Yesterday I finally got an email back saying that they don’t have any codes!! They will “soon” and they suggested that I follow their forums to watch the progress of the game.

So… I sent a message back saying that I am finding this whole process rather annoying and I want to get the code. I asked when “soon” was and if I should just return the games. Oh yea, you have to pay to transfer the songs after getting the codes.

There’s my rant about Rockband. All these little problems affected my love for Rockband 3. I have just started to get into the game play. There are a couple things that I wish they didn’t do. Whenever I turn on the game and want to sing, I have to turn my microphone down. In Rockband 2, it saved my settings so I didn’t have to do it every game. Also, there is no more dual. You can’t play with another person on the same instrument and dual them. Boo.

But… I am ranked 143 in the world for solo Vocals and I haven’t even played all the songs yet. 😀

I am getting kicked off the computer, so I will write more later.

The Challenge (Gaming and Giving Back) will continue soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Day 5: Gaming & Giving Back Challenge

What is this weeks DLC for a music game of your choice?  Are any of the songs are worth buying?

This week’s DLC for Rockband is amazing! There are 6 Stone Temple Pilot songs and 3 Jimmy Eats World songs. I am a huge fan of STP so I got the songs! They are fantastic for vocals 🙂 I didn’t pick up the Jimmy Eats World songs, but I heard they are pretty good for guitar.

Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Crackerman” Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
Creep Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Dead & Bloated” Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
“Huckleberry Crumble” Stone Temple Pilots 2010s Alternative
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative
Bleed American Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock
My Best Theory Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock
Pain Jimmy Eat World 2000s Pop/Rock

I’m Not a Vidiot!!

I swear… I just really REALLY love playing video games!

So tonight was my first band practice with new friends on Rockband2. Melbabe had arranged this, and I didn’t expect to start until next week but they had a cancellation and I was able to fill in tonight at 7:30. I arrived on time!! Woohoo! I am always too late to join the practice, but I made it today. They 3 other members had to finish a couple songs so I jumped into quickplay for a few minutes.

The band is called:


The members are:

Heather455 on Guitar

Greese Monkey77 on Bass

Ellync on Drums

Midnite Faery on Vocals

Song Midnite Faery




Greese Monkey77




Train Kept a Rollin’ 99 87 97 93
Livin’ on a 100 99 98 100
Promised Land 95 92 97 96
No Rain 99 92 98 95
Learn to Fly


98 98 98 98
Are you going to be my girl


100 93 97 94
Photograph 100 98 98 97
Wonderwall 100 98 98 96


We all played on Expert and it was a lot of fun to have a band that was full of girls! ❤

Day 29: Meme Challenge

Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.

Traveling. I love to travel. I love walking down the street, driving to another town… I even enjoy my trip to and from work. I especially love traveling to new places! I’ve been to a few countries now and I can’t wait to go to more!

I live in Canada and I have traveled from Ontario (East) to Vancouver (West). I have driven across the provinces, taken an airplane back and forth… and I even took a CP Rail Train from Vancouver to Ontario (which took 5 days, and it was absolutely stunning).

I have traveled down to the States. Mainly to Washington, Seattle, Long Beach, San Francisco and Oregon. I would love to see more of the states. Perhaps a drive through central America is necessary eh! I would love to go through a bit of their bible belt to see the different cultures that reside there.

I have traveled to Mexico. I loved it! I had a huge beverage out of a pineapple (which cost $15), I relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the life of a tourist in Mexico. Their wildlife is so cool and I loved how fresh the fruit and fish was!

…also to the Dominican Republic. I met a bunch of very cool people and we partied on the beach and in the resort. It was a beautiful place to visit. The townships were rustic and the people were very friendly. I would go back in a heart beat.

And of course… to New Zealand. This is the place I would love to live. I would pack up and go there immediately if I could. I think it’s the best place for me. I love the culture. I love how people treat each other and I love the slower pace. It’s not so much of a hick town as the rural areas in Vancouver. It’s just really cool. The history is amazing and … well… I could keep going and going! I loved it there!!