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Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 23

Buy a new game, play it for at least an hour and review the overall gameplay (sound, graphics, characters, story) Sims 3: I was debating purchasing this game. I bought it for the PC and spent endless hours building families … Continue reading

Fable 3 Villager

Upon my return to Bowerstone Market, I found my villager that I created online!

I chatted, danced, played “pat-a-cake”, hugged, kissed, and then proposed marriage to my villager! Oh fun!

After which I had to find a suitable house to live in and decide what type of wedding. I bought a house in Brighwall Village. Each city had their own type of wedding ceremony. In Brightwall, the best wedding you can have is an “Academy Wedding”. Hmm… I would rather something outside!

The most expensive wedding is a “Canal Wedding” in Bowerstone Industrial. It’s a rather dire city, so I’d rather not get married there. I found a “Lake Wedding” in Millfields. Perhaps I shall marry my villager there! It will be a gorgeous, luxury ceremony in the gazebo that stands on Bower Lake. Sounds divine! 😉

This is my first marriage in the game. I’m pretty sure that you can be married to multiple people at the same time. I am wondering… Who in their right mind would want to do that!? An upkeep and maintenance fee for all those lonely house wives/husbands (depending on who you marry of course)! 😉 Nah, one is plenty for me thanks!

The ceremonial music was lovely! Wait… what! It’s over! That’s it! $5000 and I get a 10 second marriage. Yea, I guess it’s pretty close to reality eh!

Uhh my wife wants to have sex now! She wants to procreate. I would like to know how she is going to do what with my female character!

…back to my game! I am really enjoying Fable 3. It’s a fantastic game!


24 Hours of Gaming for a Fantastic Cause

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I was doing my usual tweets on twitter and I was surprised by a really kind message from RH (Rob) @xboxsupport. It was totally out of the blue, basically telling me to have a fun playing games! O.k. I’ll bite… … Continue reading

Sacrifice DLC: Left 4 Dead 2

What is the Sacrifice DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 and is it worth the purchase?

isn't he just the cutest little creature you've ever wanted to KILL 😉


…Let’s start with the cost. It is 560 MSP, which in Canada translates to about $8. Not too shabby for those of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs (and in other cases… parents!).

It originated from a comic book series that Valve had introduced. It is a comic about the characters in Left 4 Dead and

This comic can be found by clicking this link: The Sacrifice

The comic book is an entertaining read! It’s in 4 parts 🙂

Alright, back to the DLC (downloadable content)

The characters are from the first Left 4 Dead, and it’s a prequel to the Passing (which is another DLC) .

The new feature included in this DLC is called “Sacrificial Gameplay”. You will have to decide who to sacrifice at the end of the level. The game automatically chooses Bill (if you have the Passing DLC then you would know this).

You will also get the “No Mercy” campaign from the original Left 4 Dead. This one is my favourite campaign, and since I broke my L4D disk… this is a bonus for me! 🙂

The campaign is fantastic! I had a lot of fun playing it. It’s short… so don’t expect loads of areas to explore or lots to do! BUT it’s fun and it’s new … so for the $8 it’s totally worth the purchase!

… go to your game and press YES to download it! 😀



Dead Rising 2

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I have started the DLC: Case Zero, but then I lost the internet (due to the move… and my laziness), so I wasn’t able to finish playing it. I hope to finish the prequel before I start the actual game. … Continue reading


Review: Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock The last post I did was mainly about the song list. I haven’t played the game for very long, so my opinion of it is still fresh. Here’s a bit more detailed review of the … Continue reading


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock First Step: Rocker Creator Who plays a music game with one of the game characters… fail! You must create your very own person before playing! You are able to select: Name: Midnite Faery Gender: Female … Continue reading